Final Day of ISDE Canceled Due to Violence

Final Day of ISDE Canceled Due to Violence

(Editor’s note: this came from Ignition 3 and their ISDE.TV report)

Day-six of the International Six Days Enduro was canceled over security concerns.

In a statement made by FIM Sports Director, Ignacio Verneda, Day-six of the Mexican ISDE, which was being held in Morelia, was called off due to escalating activities between organized crime, drug cartels and Federal, State and local police.


Verneda said, “Throughout this entire event we have made security our number one priority. With recent activities between area drug cartels and authorities, and an incident that occurred between (local organized crime groups) and police last night here in the city of Morelia, the FIM feels that it is best to cancel Day-six.

“We would like to stress that there has been no threat to anyone involved here with the ISDE competition. It is that the amount of security we requested for the final motocross, which was to be located outside the Morelia area, is no longer available as their priorities are now to concentrate on protecting the city. “

Front page of the local newspaper

Front page of the local newspaper

The incident that occurred within the city of Morelia was a gunfight that happened between two organized crime groups in the city. Local newspaper reports talked about how two “local mafia groups” that have been having “escalating relations between one another” exploded last night.

The newspaper story went on to say that the “confrontation, which included gun fire from automatic weapons” soon spawned a series of car fires that were intentionally “fire bombed” by one crime group on major roads leading out of the city to stop the other group from leaving Morelia.

The story said that fire fighters and police were dispatched to the vehicle fires and that their presence would impede anyone exiting the city via the main roads.

According to a person from Morelia, who volunteered to translate stories covering the gun fight and the vehicle fires from two local Spanish language written newspapers, that once authorities figured out the two events where related, the gun fight and the fires, Federal, State and local authorities put up their own road block on the main roads of the city not allowing any traffic in or out of the without being stopped and searched.

Luis Otero, President of the 2010 ISDE Organizing Committee, said, “There was also another event that recently happened about 200 kilometers where a leader of a drug cartel was killed by authorities and that there are concerns now that some type of retaliation may happen against police.

“This, as well as the incident last night, has made the (Mexican) organizers and the FIM concerned about the safety of the people attending the event. We apologize for this decision but we feel that it is the best decision. This type of decision is made with our heads not (necessarily) with our hearts as we all love the sport of enduro. We also feel that at the end of Day-five a majority of the finish orders have already been decided and that the final placements can be determined fairly from those results.”

Team USA jury representative to the FIM, Gunny Claypoole said of the decision, “The FIM feels that because of the recent incidents concerning (authorities, local crime organizations and drug cartels) it’s just not worth taking a chance continuing with the event.

Kurt caselli talks with randy mastin

Kurt Caselli talks with Randy Mastin

Team USA World Trophy Team rider Kurt Caselli said, “People need to know that this decision to cancel Day-six and the final moto has nothing to do with the race. They’ve really done a great job putting on this event and given the situation it was the right decision. It does kind of sucks though as everybody that rode hard all week and made it to the final day isn’t going to get a chance to finish what they came here to do and that’s to ride for six days.

“People also need to know that Mexico was a great place to put on a Six Days. I personally never felt in danger at any time but because of situations, which is beyond anybody control who is related to Six Days, the final day of the event has to be canceled.”


Women’s Trophy Podium

With Day-five’s final standings deciding the outcome of this year’s ISDE, Team USA Women’s World Trophy Team, made up of Nicole Bradford, Amanda Mastin and Kerrie Swartz, finished second to France. Third place in the women’s division went to Sweden.

Bradford finished fourth overall in the women’s standings where Mastin finished seventh. Swartz retired on Day-four when she houred out.

The US Junior Trophy Team finished third to first place finishing Spain and second place finishing Sweden. Riders on the US junior team were Taylor Robert, Ian Blyth, Nick Fahringer and Cory Buttrick.

Junior trophy podium

Junior Trophy Podium

Robert’s performance at his first Six Days was good enough for 10th overall in the E2 class. Blythe who also rode in his first ISDE finished 7th overall in the E1 class. Fahringer, riding in his second ISDE, finished 24th in the E2 class. Buttrick retired at the end of Day-one with crash related injuries.

Team USA World Trophy Team, made up of Caselli, Mike Brown, Destry Abbott, Jimmy Jarrett, Timmy Weigand and Nathan Woods, finished 4th. Notable performances for the US trophy team were from Caselli and Brown, who finished fourth and sixth respectively in the E1 class.

World trophy podium

World Trophy Podium

The three-rider US club team of Fred Hoess, Andrew Delong and Wally Palmer, Tony Agonis Memorial Team, finished fourth. Palmer would have been unable to start Day-six before it was cancelled due to blood clots that had formed in his right leg, but because the final day was cancelled the decision for Palmer not to start didn’t affect the team’s final score.

The other top ten finishing US club team was, made up of riders Brian Sperle, Nolan Irwin and Jordan Brandt.

Thirty-four American riders started the event with 31 US riders officially finishing. The US had a total of eight three-rider club teams. Most of the riders and their support crews are scheduled to return home to the US sunday morning.

Story and Photos by: Steve Berkner,

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