There is no doubt that the Husky FE350 rates as one of the best off-road/enduro machines of the year. Smooth seamless power, a gifted wide ratio transmission and a button started fuel injection engine mate to soft, but well valved suspension and handling that targets good old tough off-road. After a Fed-X delivery from the Best Dual Sport guys we received one of their Big Bottom kits, a simple bolt on mod[s] that excited the roll-on and beefed up the power without hurting it anywhere. Have a look, it’s a simple bolt on and then you get an injection of magic.

With simple bolt on mods from Best Dual Sport Bikes we realized strong and useable gains in the power delivery of the Husky FE350.


This is your stock end cap on the FE350 and you can see how it interacts with the muffler.  The exhaust exits through the main core, into an open chamber at the end of the muffler can and then migrates around the end cap until it exits. This is one reason that the machine is so quiet.



This is the stock muffler with the end cap removed.



You can see the difference between stock and the PQ end piece. Stock, on the bottom does not line up with the core because its goal is sound control. The PQ product is a shade louder but with linear evacuation the power scale increases dramatically.



The Power Quiet Pipes end cap has a straight through hole in the end cap, aligned with the core, let’s the exhaust flow pretty much straight through the muffler.  All remaining pressure caught end in the end chamber exits through the holes in the end caps tube.

The Power Quiet End Cap lines up with the stock inner core, evacuating exhaust quicker and making for a substanital power gain.


This straightforward mod makes a ‘huge’ difference in the overall powerband on the machine. It bolsters bottom quite magnificently and adds a big chunk to the mid and upper pull of the Husky.

It sells for $159.95 for silver, $164.95 for black or blue.


The “Grunt” is an exhaust manifold with a smaller inner diameter and different exit taper, than stock.  The Grunt is smaller at the exit ID and targets better response off idle plus adds just a touch through the mid range.

The stock exhaust manifold is one the right, the Grunt is on the left. Notice the thicker size which effectively makes for a smaller header, therefore more bottom power.




The Snap is an airflow device that snaps into your airboot. It enhances the airflow and improves bottom to mid ever so slightly. Combined with the Grunt you get a good combo and at $149.95 (they are $89.95 per normally) you’ll feel a good improvement.

The Snap slides into the airboot and ramps up flow.


Overall the trio of mods really ups the gamesmanship of the FE350. This machine is already a compact woods warhorse, but more bottom power always makes for better speed allowing you to carry higher gears, while relaxing the suspension.


If we were rating the bolt-on pieces, the Power Quiet End cap makes the biggest single power improvement. The Big Bottom kit compliment its and adds a worthwhile gain, though not nearly as apparent.

Thanks Best Dual Sport Bikes, nice job.

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