The first day of May drew a big crowd of racers to Glen Helen for round five of SRA’s 2022 season. Despite a springtime cluster of conflicting off-road races, regulars filled the raceway for their monthly GP fix. SRA’s new format features a parade lap before each race, and that gives riders the opportunity to come in and get out for their own race, without sacrificing the entire day. It also keeps the line at sign-up short and allows riders a look at current track conditions.

Gordon Ward was a two-class winner at SRA Glen Helen. Again. Photo by Ryan Vitelli.

If any rider is Mr. SRA, it’s Gordon Ward. Ward has been winning multiple classes with this club for over 20 years. Sunday, he was in back-to-back races, competing in the 50+ Expert and 40+ Expert classes. He won both. In race one he was on row one followed by the 60+ riders, the Women and the 70+ class. He was quickly in the lead followed by Bill Sauro and Craig McCall, who is still coming back from injury. Ward turned in lap times that were about 20 seconds faster than anyone else in the race around the 4.5-mile course. Sauro did his best to stay relevant and finished 1 minute ahead of McCall. Alison Bushnell had a very impressive race in the Women’s Expert class, starting from the second row and climbing all the way up to sixth overall. 

KTM Pro Mechanic Tyler Renshaw topped the Vet Expert class. Photo by Ryan Vitelli.

Ward had a short turnaround before returning to the start line for his 40+ race, which was combined with the 30+ riders. Many of those riders are often active Pros and industry insiders. This month that included KTM Factory mechanic Ty Renshaw and former Dakar Champion Ricky Brabec. Ward led every lap of that race to the trustration of the younger riders. Renshaw managed to keep Ward in sight for a few laps while Brabec came up from a poor start. By the final laps, Brabec was able to match Renshaw’s pace, but was unable to close the gap.

MXA’s Josh Mosiman has been on a racing frenzy across multiple venues and formats. He was the overall Pro winner at SRA. Photo by Logan Stupin.

In the Pro class, WORCS/NGPC 250 Champion Tallon LaFountaine was clearly the man to beat. He took the lead early and pulled away quickly. But Motocross Action Magazine’s Josh Mosiman warmed up to the course after a few laps and was able to at least match LaFountaine’s speed. Just past the halfway mark, Mosiman was gifted the lead when LaFountaine dropped out with a front brake failure. Jason Ramsey finished second, but was almost 2 minutes behind after 50 minutes of racing. The next SRA GP will be a little bit of a wait: June 26 at Glen Helen. For more info, go to

Tallon LaFountaiune led the pro race until his front brake failed. Photo by Logan Stupin.


Stephen Sundvold was the 250 Amateur winner. Photo by Logan Stupin.


Ricky Brabec wasn’t afraid to leave his comfort zone and give GP racing a try. Photo by Ryan Vitelli.
Conner Styers won the 450 Amateur class. Photo by Logan Stupin.


PRO 450: 1. Josh Mosiman  2. Jason Ramsey  3. Conrad Weiland  4. Broc Loftus 

450CC EX: 1. Tyler Hansel,  2. Josh Fout  3. Levi Arnold  4. Oskar Kristjansson  5. Garrett Kenny 

450CC AM: 1. Connor Styers  2. Ajay Hateley  3. Etai Naor  4. Jacob Peck  5. Omri Naor 

450CC NOV: 1. Zach Hanna  2. Neal Parkenison  3. Jake Legge  4. Nick Gourlay  5. Anthony Ynfante 

450CC BEG: 1. Julian Tudor  2. Ryan Vitelli  3. Logan Canright  4. Seth Habash (HON); 5. Wayne Christoffera 

250CC EX: 1. Ryder Patridge  2. Andrew Jennings (HON); 3. Eric Brown 

250CC AM: 1. Stephen Sundvold  2. Ian Burke  3. Aidan Benavidez (KTM); 4. Travis Longfellow  5. Tristen Macias 

250CC NOV: 1. Vincent Munoz  2. Dylan Mcmaster  3. Thomas Seroka (YAM); 4. Michael St John (KTM); 5. Ryan Hall 

250CC BEG: 1. Dylan Stewart  2. Jacob Munoz  3. Riley Hull  4. Jacob Escarrega  5. Manny Olidem 

125CC EX: 1. Seth Nemec 

125CC AM: 1. Jace Pistilli  2. Harlem Nelson 

125CC NOV: 1. Fred Pinney  2. Jeff Leishman  3. Evan Benavidez (HUS); 4. Jax Turner  5. Trevor Strothers 

125CC BEG: 1. Noah Holwick  2. Hunter Fitzgerald  3. Seth Christie  4. Travis Orr  5. Roberto Galindo 

30+ EXP: 1. Tyler Renshaw (KTM); 2. Ricky Brabec  3. Matt Pehkoff (HON); 4. Josh Fout  5. Troy Woolley 

30+ AM: 1. Eric Jones  2. Seth Barnes  3. Robert Thomas (KAW); 4. Kyle Prato (HON); 5. Cory Pedvin 

30+ NOV: 1. Rob Angle  2. Zack Normandin  3. William Shue  4. Spencer Sanford  5. Braxton Ramer 

30+ BEG: 1. Taylor Pringle  2. Marc Banville  3. Chris Sibley  4. Craig Duatre  5. Jerrett Bruemmer 

40+ EX: 1. Gordon Ward (YAM); 2. Shawn Bushnell (HON); 3. Jason Klements (YAM); 4. David Faux  5. Jake Westall (KAW);

40+ AM: 1. Paul Nemec  2. Dennis Mcwilliams (YAM); 3. Adrian Spiker  4. Kirk Vasquez (HUS); 5. Joey Madden 

40+ NOV: 1. Jason Lowther  2. Gabi Abayov  3. Matt Hart (KAW); 4. Ernie Sanchez  5. John Pratt (YAM);

40+ BEG: 1. Herald Matthew  2. Jeremy Ferganson  3. David Riley  4. Ryan Kiemele  5. David Doyle 

50+ EX: 1. Gordon Ward (YAM); 2. Bill Sauro  3. Craig Mccall  4. Tim Clark  5. Marc Matson (HON);

50+ AM: 1. Mike Licitra  2. Don Hutchinson (KAW); 3. Sam Eckenrod (YAM); 4. Morgan Pierce  5. Chris Valdes 

50+ NOV: 1. Tom Hendricks  2. Gabi Abayov  3. Joey Budro  4. Jeff Paul (HUS); 5. John Murray 

50+ BEG: 1. Robert Testerman  2. Brent Leclerc (BET);

60+ EX: 2. Scott Kellar (KTM); 3. Marc Johnson  4. Kurt Sofka Jr  5. Steve Mazzei 

60+ AM: 1. Pete Vetrano (HUS); 2. John Lupear (HON); 3. Eddie Hall  4. Darrell Sedig  5. Andy Digby 

60+ NOV: 1. Jeff Minderhout  2. Brian Underdahl  3. Chris Vaughn (GG); 4. Ted Pedvin 

70+: 1. Bill Maxim  2. Larry Owens (GG);

WOMEN EX: 1. Alison Bushnell  2. Taylor Herald (KTM); 3. Serenity Kiemele 

WOMEN AM: 1. Mackenzie Smith 

WOMEN NOV: 1. Gabriella Sanchez 

WOMEN BEG: 1. Adrianne Spiker  2. Bella Jackson 

SUP MINI EX: 1. Patrick Nguon 

SUP MINI AM: 1. Denver Ethridge 

SUP MINI BEG: 1. Daniel Munoz (2)  2. Ryan Vollmar  3. Tyeler Orr 

85CC EX: 1. Jack Aaron 

85CC AM: 1. Jaxson Patridge  2. Justin Nguon 

85CC NOV: 1. Ryder Demichele  2. Bobby Hall  3. Jacob Tilley  4. Trevor Strothers  5. Michael Trinidad 

85CC BEG: 1. Adrian Martinez  2. Eli Hicks  3. Jet Bushnell  4. Roberto Galindo  5. Stanley Cook 

65CC NOV: 1. Blake Hall  2. Memphis Arredondo  3. Dylan Pedersen 

65CC BEG: 1. Jerrett Bruemmer Jr  2. Blake Keelan (YAM); 3. Timmy Hickerson  4. Brodie Ford  5. Cj Clements 

50CC: 1. Porter Arrendondo 

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