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From his first bike all the way up through the mini’s Robby spent all of his time play riding in the Ocotillo desert.  It wasn’t until 2001 that he lined up for his first motocross race in the 125 Beginner class at nearby Barona Oaks.
“As I was sitting there on the start line my dad looked at me and joked, ‘If you don’t win, we’re selling the bikes.’  Fortunately I won that race.”



 And he has gone on to quite a successful career to date.  Though mostly know for his Baja victories Robby actually raced amateur motocross in his first three years competing, qualifying for Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National twice.  But in 2005 an offer came to him with that he couldn’t turn down to race for the Factory Honda Off-road team.  From 2006 through 2008 he excelled, going on to win the SCORE Baja championship three times and taking overall honors in the Baja 1000 in ‘07 and ‘08.  As he was collecting wins in Mexico he was also building his name in the WORCS series by taking home the number 3 plate in 2007.  The 2009 season brought a change in equipment as Robby mounted a Kawasaki, but his attitude and appetite for racing has stayed as strong as ever.


“I had a great run with Honda and owe Johnny Campbell and the late Bruce Ogilvie a great deal, but I’m excited and motivated for the future and really looking forward to continuing my relationship with Kawasaki.”
Robby is definitely considered one of the “nice guys” of the sport and, whether at the track or in the gym, you’ll seldom find him without a smile.


“I love racing motorcycles!  Sometimes I feel like it’s a dream that I have made such a career out of my passion.  I look forward to getting up every morning to train or ride; it’s definitely a lifestyle and it really suites me.”


2012 promises to be a great year as he is to be riding a Kawasaki for the THR, Precision Concepts team, competing in the SCORE, District 37 Big 6 and WORCS series.  Getting back to Baja has been a goal of his for the last couple of years and he’s looking to make the most of the opportunity.


“I feel I have some unfinished business in Baja, especially after coming so close to winning in 2009 on a Kawasaki.  Baja has been so good to me; I love the people and the atmosphere and I’m happy to be going back to achieve my goals down there.  I’m very thankful to everyone that has helped me and given me the opportunity to do what I love to do and I can’t wait to get out there and go racing!”

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