Dear Mr. Know-It-All,
I’m setting my 2014 300 up for desert racing and have a question about tires. To help in the high-speed sand washes, I’m thinking about switching to a Fatty front tire with a mousse. Is one brand better than the other in this tire size?
John Bummer
Via [email protected]

Frankly, Bum, I’m a little bit taken aback with the succinctness of your query. You seem like a chap who has a bit of wind in your sails. Personally, I like the Nitro Mousse best, fit with the Golden Tyre GT216-AA/or Shinko 90/100-21 Fatty front knob. Shinko has this same tire in a gummy if technical riding is your drink of choice. To be honest, I have been running a Tubliss system in the front as of late. I like it better than a mousse because I can alter the air pressure depending on conditions—low pressure for technical riding, cranked up for faster terrain—and I run Slime in it to seal against thorn abuse. 

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