PRODUCT: The Fastway spark arrestor end cap is designed as an efficient way to convert your stock muffler into a USFS-approved spark-arrested muffler. It replaces the production end cap and comes with a 6061 machined end cap that houses a legal spark arrestor screen and the removable down-turned nozzle where the exhaust exits. When the spark arrestor screens are not required, such as at the MX track, you can remove two machine screws on each end cap and take out the screen. Each end cap is machined out of solid 6061 aluminum and anodized with a protective finish. Designed to quickly and easily convert stock four-strokes and some two-strokes to United States Forest Service (USFS)-approved mufflers.

OUR TAKE: We installed the Fastway spark arrestor end cap on our 2022 GasGas EC300 off-road machine. It comes with a straight-through muffler, a nicely built piece that is long and quiet, but lacks a spark arrestor, which we need for some of our off-road riding. The kit had no instructions, nor did the website have PDF instructions for this model. We did find a decent YouTube video on their website ( that detailed the installation and what was required. It was for a four-stroke muffler, but used the same steps required. Fastway claims that it is a quick and easy conversion, but this really wasn’t the case with the GasGas EC300 muffler. You must drill out the rivets holding the stock end cap in place, remove the end cap (which was not easy), fit in the new machined piece, drill new mounting holes, and then use the self-tapping screws supplied to hold it in place. Make certain that you use the proper-sized drill bit on the pilot holes for the self-tapping screws, keep the new end cap aluminum piece fit tightly to the muffler, and take your time drilling and installing the new hardware.
Once this was accomplished the spark arrestor screen slips into its new home nicely, and the end cap (nozzle) bolts on and holds it in place. It is easily removable, cleanable and, in the end, a very sano setup. The negatives are all installation-oriented.

The installation of the Fastway spark arrestor end cap requires you to drill out the stock rivets, drill new pilot holes for the new cap and screw in new self-tapping hardware.

PRICE: $129.95

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