PRODUCT: This is Fastway’s brand-new footpeg. It’s machined in-house from 2024 billet aluminum, which they use because it is stronger and less brittle than 6061 aluminum. The Fastway Evolution AIR footpegs are designed with slanted drafts to shed mud and debris. With a large 2.25-inch front to back and a 4-inch-wide pattern, they provide a superior balance of size and traction. In addition, the patented traction/camber (tilt) adjustability creates a truly individualized footpeg. The Universal Collar System (UCS) lets you customize your mount in either the stock or lowered positions on most bikes simply by reversing the collar. The patented replaceable traction cleat system allows you to customize the shape and traction level of your footbed. These footpegs ship with two sets of F3 threaded cleats—short 10mm and tall 12mm cleats.

OUR TAKE: This footpeg offers incredible traction for the off-road rider. We mounted our pegs on our 2022 Beta 300, and fitment was accurate. The large pattern provides an ample platform for your feet. The tuneability of the pegs is what stands out, as both cleat height and camber/tilt are tunable. A huge plus is the fact that you can mount them using the bike’s standard height, and for riders searching for more legroom, you can run the low and back stance.

Craftsmanship and quality are high-end, and they offer a variety of cool anodized colors. The Fastway footpeg fit kit is required, and it’s a separate item.

BOTTOM LINE: Top scores for this product—including quality manufacturing, light weight, adjustability, function and a very cool bling factor—add up to a superior product that is an easy install.
PRICE: $199.95, Evolution AIR footpeg; $20.95, fit kit

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