On this week’s Two-Stroke Tuesday we give you a raw first look at our latest Honda CR250 build with the crew at Faster USA.  It’s not always pretty! We have products from Wiseco and Faster USA featured in 2-Stroke Hardware and 2-Stroke Theater is also coming at you 100% raw. Honda 2-Stroke faithful won’t want to miss the exclusive link at the bottom this post to one sweet CR250 build.

At first glance our CR250 power plant looks pretty solid. What you see is after a few rounds of pressure washing. Best part about this build is everything is complete. But look closer at the front sprocket!

Ok here it is up close and personal. Yep there it is a hidden gem that will need to be addressed.

Our shock has definitely seen better days and will need some major cleanup before it goes out for some TLC. A full rebuild is needed and we are still debating on what if any type of coatings will be added.

This is a common sight on older CR 2-Strokes. The rubber swing arm chain sliders get worn and the chain just saws right into the swing arm. This one is actually not that bad and can still be repaired by a good welder. We have seen a lot worse.

The subframe just like other parts of the bike had a few coats of spray paint that needed to be removed. Once that was handled we found a few other surprises in the way of cracks, stripped out inserts and a big bend in one down tube that needed to be addressed .

Yes this is how we bought it. Even better the missing housing piece was stuck inside and acted as a poor mans throttle stop. This will definitely be replaced.

The fork set up is in a little better shape than the shock but will also get completely rebuilt internally. The previous owner added some special coating to the upper tubes via a can of Walmart metallic spray paint. Trust us when we say he was proud of his achievements .

As you can see the engine was torn completely down to bare cases. We blasted all you see and more in our Vapor Honing Technologies VH800 blasting cabinet . These machines do amazing work but are extremely pricey for the average backyard mechanic.

So this is how our Faster USA CR250 looked the day it was purchased. One thing is for sure it can only get better from here! We are still debating on the overall styling direction of the build but most of us are leaning towards a Polisport CR Restyle plastics kit. Stay tuned for more in the very near future.



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If you are rebuilding an older 2-Stroke on a budget you might want to rebuild a wheel set rather than purchase a new one. Faster USA can rebuild your stock wheels and give them an all new look.


If you like the Honda CR250 build featured on this week’s Two-Stroke Tuesday check out a sweet Honda 2-Stroke project that started out in similar fashion. Click the image below for more!

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