Fant Files: The Glen Helen National

The Glen Helen Nationals didn’t disappoint this weekend for round 2 of the AMA Nationals. Adam Cianciarulo was fastest in practice aboard his Pro Circuit Kawasaki KX250F

Colt Nichols charging the rollers. Colt went 5-4 on the weekend and 5th overall.

Joey Savatgy scrubbing over the single in the front of the track. Unfortunately the PC team suffered a couple  bike issues this weekend at Glen Helen.

Justin Barcia staying low on his JGR Suzuki RMZ450.

Justin Bogle having some fun during practice over the finish line and showing off some of his unique style.

If you saw practice before the riders went out in the morning you might have thought it was a GNCC event. Mechanics had their hands full for Round 2 in between motos to get the bikes back to race shape for their next motos.

Joey Savatgy tried to chase down Jeremy Martin in the first moto but was unable to close the gap and settled into second for a solid finish.

First moto was the Jeremy Martin show. He lead and walked away from the field on his FC Honda CRF250


Colt Nichols staying low to gain some time on the field ahead.

The rougher the track got the better Marvin Musquin rode. Marvin answered back to Tomac’s 1-1 last weekend and took the overall at Glen Helen.

Chrstian Craig looked aggressive all day on the Honda CRF450 and ready to battle up front. Unfortunately Craig was injured 2nd moto this weekend at Glen Helen.

Sean Cantrell is a rookie to the big leagues in the 250 class but the kid has got talent. If you were able to catch him off the finish line throwing his bike sideways you know he has a bright future ahead.

Zach Osborne was able to clinch the overall this weekend. The competition is going to be stiff this year and Zach will have to land on the box through the entire season to get the title.

Cole Seely entering the front section of the track with Josh Grant in tow.

If you heard a ton of cheering in sections of the track it was most likely for Josh Grant. He is always a huge fan favorite at Glen Helen.

Eli Tomac didn’t walk away with the weekend he probably wanted but returns to his home race next weekend in Colorado where he will be eager to win.

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