Fant Files: Ontario Endurocross Practice

The 2017 Endurocross series is winding down tonight in Ontario, California. Cody Webb leads the points in the Super Endurocross class by 32 points heading into Saturday night.

Colton Haaker was unfortunately side lined due to an injury earlier in the season. He was able to win the opening round followed by a 2nd and two 3rd place finishes.

Cody Webb’s KTM 350 EXC-F . Cody chose to race this bike over some of the other KTM models due to no linkage (more clearance) . The motor is very similar to and SXF engine.

Cooper Abbott’s Purvines Racing Yamaha under the DA8 training pits before practice took place. Cooper has continued to improve his skills each season. With the help of his father and offroad legend Destry Abbott, Cooper is sure to progress as the years come.

Ty Tremaine sitting patiently before practice on his RMP KTM. Ty sits in 3rd going into the Ontario round.

Trials Guru Geoff Aaron’s Gas Gas race machine.

Ty Cullins’s  Beta under the factory tent.

Kyle Redmond airing out his SRT Husqvarna in 1st practice over the finish line

Cody Webb navigates through the wood pile after clearing through some traffic in the back section.

Cooper Abbott stretching it out over the leap into the wood pile.

Mason Ottersberg staying low and on the gas through the middle of the track.

Cody Webb is not a good example to use when you are trying to explain how difficult a section is. He makes everything look easy. This is one of the more technical sections of the course in Ontario.

We’ve seen the finish line take different sizes through the season this year. Tonight riders will be able to push through the landing and really charge into the next leap before the wood pile.

Cory Graffunder is currently siting in 6th in point for 2017.

Kyle Redmond dancing his way through the wood

Abbott charging the front section of the track .

We noticed that some riders are using different techniques to get over this section. Some are airing into it, some keeping both tires on the ground and pushing over it, and some are doing more of the “splatter” style technique and wheeling up and over.

With water and two very large rock/wood obstacles this is surely the area to keep an eye on during racing. Riders will have to be very tactful in here to make sure they don’t lose position

Geoff Aaron using his size and ample amounts of talent to get up and over this log.

Cody Webb is looking extremely confident heading into the night program. Webb has won every round since the 1st where he got a 2nd behind Colton. We are excited to see the Haaker/Webb battle continue next season. These two unique and talented individuals have been entertaining to watch.

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