Fant Files : In the pits with Cycle Trader/Rock River Yamaha

All photos provided by Tyler Johnson @johncey636photo


Compare and Contrast : Heath Harrison Yamaha YZ250F & Tommy Hahn Yamaha YZ450F


Heath Harrison’s Yamaha YZ250F. Heath Harrison is an Alabama native who jumped into the season a couple rounds in, showing a ton of speed and potential to grow in the 250 class.


Tommy Hahn’s Cycle Trader Rock River Yamaha YZ450F.


Hahn’s motor preference requires a ton of bottom end for Supercross. Heath’s package is similar with a GYTR motor and requires a ton of low end torque to pull him out of the hole during challenging obstacles.


In the cockpit you will notice X-Trig triple clamps on both bikes. Heath runs a 22mm offset while Hahn runs a 23mm offset.


The radiators on both bikes are shaved and narrowed to make the Yamaha package feel thinner toward the front of the bike.


Wheel position is an interesting place to look at the Supercross bikes. Where the wheel sits can change the way a bike turns and handles. Both Heath Harrison and Tommy Hahn run their axle blocks centered on their Yamahas.


On some Yamahas, you will see riders using a lowering link such as the one offered by Pro Circuit. On the Rock River machines they are running the stock Yamaha link.


A closer look at the motor reveals the GYTR parts, Cycra skid plate, FMF exhaust and even a stock shifter.

Heath 2

Both Cycle Trader Rock River Yamahas have a lowered subframe (10mm). Usually riders will lower the rear end of the bike so the rear doesn’t kick them in the rear over the whoops. Remember RC4’s bike back in the day with shaved seats?


Heath Harrison is running a Dunlop Geomax MX3S tire while Hahn runs a Spec Tire .


For Heath his gearing is usually 13/49 while Hahn differs race to race. Heath is using Mike Metals while Hahn is running GYTR components on his YZ450.


A close up look at the shaved and narrowed radiators as well as the Cycra power flow plastic kit installed on both bikes.


Walking around both bikes, the Rock River riders are running a very neutral set up for lever position.


The FMF Factory 4.1 exhaust of Heath Harrison. Both Cycle Trader/Rock River Yamahas feature this exhaust system.


Stay tuned for more coverage in Minneapolis tomorrow from our photog Tyler Johnson @johncey636photo



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