Fant Files : 2018 Fox Gear Launch

Fox Racing invited us to a 2 day event at Zaca Station to hang out with some of their athletes and check out the 2018 line up .

Fox invited us to Saarools and Son where the entire place was taken over with memorabilia and new gear for 2018.

Here are 3 new color ways for Fox Racing’s 360 line.

Fox returns to 2018 with an off road specific gear called Legion, more focused around the guy riding the trail with their closest friends on an adventure.

Here is a new color way and design from Fox in their Flex Air category.

A good look at what is to come from the 180 segment of Fox Racing in 2018.

This jersey may look particularly familiar to you if you watched last weekend’s outdoor national at Millville. Joey Savatgy was able to get some of the 2018 gear on the podium in Minnesota aboard his Factory Pro Circuit Kawasaki.

Heading down memory lane with this photo. Here is Ricky Carmichael’s helmet from the Kawasaki racing days. A great comparison to have on display and see how far Fox racing has come in developing their helmets.

Some of the hard focus for Fox this year is their hard goods. This boot being one of them. This is their new 180 boot which comes in at a more affordable price over their Instinct boot and features an all new closure system at the top.

Remember that jaw dropping crash from Ken Roczen earlier in the year? He was wearing a 2018 V3 helmet at the time. We were able to check out the liner and see how the helmet took on Kenny’s crazy crash.

Ricky Carmichael was on hand to help with questions and inform the media on the development process for Fox racing with their new boot. Here Ricky navigates through the Zaca Station loam in some 2018 gear.

A friendly neighbor. Carey Hart actually lives not too far from Zaca Station and came up for the two day event to try out some of the new gear. Carey also brought up an RM250 that you will see in an upcoming 2 stroke Tuesday story.

Not bad for being retired huh? Ricky still has it….

Here you get a close look at the V3 helmet on Carey Hart. The new helmet features a magnetic visor that can pull apart from the helmet in the event of a crash to help reduce any more damage to the riders head by avoiding change in direction.

You can complain all you want how far the drive is to Zaca Station but we guarantee you will be smiling on the way home. Track conditions were all time for the 2018 Fox Racing Launch


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