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Two top E3 results for KTM’s Cervantes in Sardinia
Ivan Cervantes, clearly in his element back in the big bike category went out on Sunday in Sardinia to snatch the top podium slot after having to settle for third place in Saturday’s race for a great Round 5 & 6 of the E3 category.
The Spanish KTM Enduro Factory Team rider has an 18-point lead over his nearest rival Frenchman Sebastien Guillaume. Saturday’s third place was the only occasion when he has not topped the podium so far this season and came following a race day where some rain made the rocky ground slippery in the rugged mountain terrain of the Italian island. Speaking after Saturday’s race, KTM team boss Fabio  Farioli said Ivan had been very close to the two leaders but then lost some time in the final test and had to settle for third. Sunday was a different story with the Spaniard returning to his old form and taking the race.’ ‘Ivan was incredibly fast today,’ Farioli said after Sunday’s race.
Aro back in impressive action
Cervantes factory teammate Samuli Aro also had a good weekend. The Finn had made a somewhat cautious approach to the racing season taking care of a knee injury but was back to his old form on the tough terrain in Sardinia. He was just off the podium on Saturday in fourth place attracting the following comment from team boss Farioli: ‘Samuli led in the first lap but then he got stuck on a steep ascent. Without this he could have finished in the top three. The rain made it very slippery and the MX test was quite tight, so it was not so good for the big bikes,’ Farioli added.
Farioli happy with team’s results in Sardinia
The weather gods then shined on the championship on Sunday and Aro joined Cervantes on the podium in third place. He is now just three points shy of third place in the standings behind Cervantes and French riders Sebastien Guillaume and Christophe Nambotin. Farioli expressed satisfaction with all of his riders in all three categories at the close of the Sardinia racing weekend. On Saturday, after Round Five he had had called on them for some more concentration and speed for Sunday’s battle.
Like other KTM Enduro Factory team members, Cervantes will now compete in his national championships and other events to stay on top of his game while the world championships series breaks until June. The world championship next returns to Finland after a break of some years, giving Aro the opportunity to go out and thrill his home crowds.
 E3 Results Round Five Saturday
1. Sebastien Guillaume, France, Husqvarna
2. Christophe Nambotin, France, Gas-Gas
3. Ivan Cervantes, Spain, KTM
4. Samuli Aro, Finland, KTM
5. Fabio Mossini, Italy, Honda
Other KTM
6. Marcus Kehr, Germany, KTM
E3 Results Round Six Sunday
1. Ivan Cervantes, Spain, KTM
2. Sebastien Guillaume, France, Husqvarna
3. Samuli Aro, Finland, KTM
4. Christophe Nambotin, France, Gas-Gas
5. Fabio Mossini, Italy, Honda
Other KTM
6. Marcus Kehr, Germany, KTM
Standings after Round Six
1. Ivan Cervantes, Spain, KTM, 145
2. Sebastien Guillaume, France, Husqvarna, 127
3. Christophe Nambotin, France, Gas-Gas, 120
4. Samuli Aro, Finland, KTM, 116
5. Marcus Kehr, Germany, KTM, 90

Aubert continues his dream run in E2 in Sardinia
KTM factory rider Johnny Aubert continued to dominate the Enduro 2 World Championships sweeping both top podiums in Rounds Five and Six at the weekend on the Italian island of Sardinia.
Aubert, new to the KTM Enduro Factory team this season but also the current title holder now has an unblemished record in the six races held so far and a perfect score card of 150 world championship points.
Team boss Fabio Farioli was already encouraged after Aubert’s victory on Saturday after some rain had made parts of the track slippery saying: ‘Johnny was fast but is still capable of going faster’. The French rider then went out on Sunday and made his team boss happy with an even better performance.
While Aubert had another dream weekend, his teammate Alessandro Belometti was not so fortunate, scoring a sixth on Saturday and a seventh on Sunday. KTM extreme Enduro specialist factory rider Taddy Blazusiak of Poland was also in Sardinia at the weekend to hone his racing skills. Taddy, who is not a regular starter in the world championship series picked up an impressive eighth place on Saturday but had to retire in the second test on Sunday.
E2 Results: Round Five Saturday
1. Johnny Aubert, France, KTM
2. Bartosz Oblucki, Poland, Husqvarna
3. Juha Salminen, Finland, BMW
4. Cristobal Guerrero, Spain, Yamaha
5. Joakim Ljunggren, Sweden, Husaberg
Other KTM
6. Alessandro Belometti, Italy, KTM
8. Taddy Blazusiak, Poland, KTM
E2 Results: Round Six Sunday
1. Johnny Aubert, France, KTM
2. Joakim Ljunggren, Sweden, Husaberg
3. Juha Salminen, Finland, BMW
4. Valtteri Salonen, Finland, Husaberg
5. Cristobal Guerrero, Spain, Yamaha
Other KTM
7. Alessandro Belometti, Italy, KTM
DNF Taddy Blazusiak, Poland, KTM
1. Johnny Aubert, France, KTM 150 points
2. Joakim Ljunggren, Sweden, Husaberg, 108
3. Cristobal Guerrero, Spain, Yamaha, 106
4. Bartosz Oblucki, Poland, Husqvarna, 104
5. Alessandro Belometti, Italy, KTM, 100

Two E1 podiums for KTM’s Albergoni in Sardinia
KTM E1 Enduro Factory rider Italian Simone Albergoni revelled in his home race atmosphere in Sardinia, Italy at the weekend to pick up a third place on Saturday and then upped the stakes scoring second on Sunday’s podium.
Albergoni added another 42 points to his tally in the standings consolidating his position behind the leader Mika Ahola of Finland. Ahola has a 14-point advantage but Albergoni showed it was possible to beat the Finn in Round Four in Spain and is staying in hot pursuit. ‘Albergoni was very fast on Sunday but Ahola was even faster,’ team boss Fabio Farioli said after Sunday’s race. Albergoni who Farioli said lacked a little speed in Saturday’s difficult and very physically draining race then regained his good rhythm on Sunday.
The young factory team rookie, Eero Remes of Finland was eleventh on Saturday and moved up to seventh on Sunday. In a recent interview with KTM’s online magazine Brennraum, Fabio said that Remes, who has a rather small build, was at something of a disadvantage in the competition because of his size. This proved to be the case on Saturday when showers made conditions slippery and he got stuck on one of the rocky ascents. ‘Remes was very fast in the MX but he had a bad crash in the extreme Enduro got stuck going uphill,’ Farioli commented after Saturday’s race.
‘The weather stayed fine for us today and the factory team did better overall,’ said Farioli wrapping up the team’s weekend. Also very present with the front runners this weekend was KTM supported rider Thomas Oldrati who was fifth on Saturday and fourth on Sunday.  Oldrati, who was so successful in last year’s junior ranks has made a giant step forward this season by scoring solid results in the world championship category,  Farioli says. He is a good example of how KTM also invests in the next generation of top riders.  
Riders now have a break until the next two rounds in Finland (June 13-14) but will keep in shape with training and taking part in various national championship events and other races.
This time the KTM Super Test, a prologue held on Friday night was held in a baseball stadium close to the paddock facility. Riders compete one on one and the new format is proving popular with the fans as it makes the sport very accessible to the public.
E1 Results: Round Five Saturday
1. Mika Ahola, Finland, Honda
2. Antoine Meo, France, Husqvarna
3. Simone Albergoni, Italy, KTM
4. Marc Germain, France, Yamaha
5. Thomas Oldrati, Italy, KTM
Other KTM
11. Eero Remes, Finland, KTM
E1 Results: Round Six Sunday
1. Mika Ahola, Finland, Honda
2. Simone Albergoni, Italy, KTM
3. Antoine Meo, France, Husqvarna
4. Thomas Oldrati, Italy, KTM
5. Marc Germain, France, Yamaha
Other KTM
7. Eero Remes, Finland, KTM
1. Mika Ahola, Finland, Honda, 147
2. Simone Albergoni, Italy, KTM, 133
3. Antoine Meo, France, Husqvarna, 120
4. Thomas Oldrati, Italy, KTM, 104
5. Fabien Planet, France, KTM 86
Other KTM
6. Eero Remes, Finland, KTM

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