The U.S. Trophy Team had another good day in Argentina as the ISDE opened up new trail and a new set of special tests on day three. The gap over second place Great Britain sits at 8 minutes. The U.S. Junior team fell to third as France rallied for a very good day. Sweden remains uncontested in front of that category. In the Women’s Trophy, The U.S. continues to lead with Brandy Richards on top. Rachel Gutish won a special test early in the day as well.

Amidst conditions that were unique to what competitors faced so far at the ISDE, rocky, technical terrain made for a fresh challenge on Day 3. Leading Team USA’s World Trophy (WT) charge was FMF KTM Factory Racing’s Taylor Robert, who scored fourth place on Day 3, with teammate Dante Oliveira powering his 450 XC-F to seventh overall. Johnny Girroir positioned his 350 XC-F in ninth place, and with Cole Martinez (Honda) finishing in P5, the four managed to extend their advantage to +8:15:17 with three days remaining.

Taylor Robert had a bad fall but remains in good form as the week reaches the halfway mark.

Taylor Robert: “We’re at the halfway mark! Solid day for the team, I’m really proud of these guys, another day with all four of us in the top 10. For myself, I actually moved up into fourth overall for the day, although I had a big stack in the second test which sent me over the bars and I lost quite a bit of time there. I managed to claw my way back through the field, and now two more hard tests and then hopefully we can just cruise around the moto track.”

Dante Oliveira is America’s top scorer.

Dante Oliveira: “New, tough, challenging tracks today, and I was just a little too slow. I didn’t show up on the first three tests – when the track was smooth it was just a bit of a struggle, and I wasn’t hitting my marks. Overall, a solid day for the team here, and I’m looking forward to fighting hard for the rest of the week.”

Johnny Girroir: “Today was a good day. I liked the tests, they were a lot more my style with the rocks and technicality of it, although I’ve picked up a little head cold, unfortunately. It’s nothing crazy, but yeah, another good day, we were all inside the top 10, and extended the lead as a team. All is heading in the right direction.”

Cole Martinez: Cole returned to good form on Day 3 and actually had the best time of all the American’s in the final test.  He now sits in fifth overall and fourth in the E2 class.

Consistency was on the cards for Mateo Oliveira in the Junior World Trophy (JWT) classification, finishing P5 on Day 3 and maintaining P4 overall in the category after taking time to come to terms with the technical, rocky terrain on his 450 XC-F. Alongside him, aboard a KTM 250 XC-F, Grant Davis captured 13th place for the third day of competition, with Kai Aiello (Husqvarna) three positions higher in 10th place. They’re still well in podium contention, currently ranked third at halfway.

Mateo Oliveira: “New tracks, new tests here today, and I was super-slow during the first half of the day, but regrouped for the second half and posted some solid times. Still not exactly where I’d like to be, but we’re working hard and I’m figuring it out. I’m ready to smash these next two days out, and then get on that moto track and rip a good start.”

Grant Davis: “Argentina has been a great experience so far – today was alright riding-wise, I didn’t execute how I had hoped I would, although there are still a few days ahead of us where we can improve through the field. I think I overrode the track a little bit during the early stages of today trying to make up time, so we’ll learn and come back stronger tomorrow.”

The United States Women’s World Trophy (WWT) Team extended their lead atop the category leaderboard on Wednesday, where KTM-supported Brandy Richards continued her spectacular run of form as she powered to the Day 3 win. With Korie Steede (KTM) and Rachel Gutish (GASGAS) claiming P3 and P4, respectively, the U.S. team now holds a considerable +10:31.89 margin in the Team classification.

Brandy Richards: “Today was solid, we had some new tests and transfers, which were nice, and everything was just a lot more technical today. We kept it consistent, that was the aim of the day, enjoyed ourselves and we’ll push on to tomorrow.”

World Trophy Classification (After Day 3 of 6)
1. USA, 9:07:40.45
2. Great Britain, +8:15.17
3. France, +8:55.02
4. Spain, +10:33.86
5. Italy, +11:34.15

Junior World Trophy Classification (After Day 3 of 6)
1. Sweden, 6:56:33.20
2. France, +11:53.79
3. USA, +14:42.13
4. Argentina, +39:20.80
5. Czech Republic, +47:31.79

Women’s World Trophy Classification (After Day 3 of 6)
1. USA, 7:58:22.34
2. Australia, +10:31.89
3. FIM LA, +1:49:48.75
4. France, +4:50:18.76
5. Argentina, +7:12:07.28

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