Last month, the Las Vegas Mecum auction took place, just like it does every year in January. That’s where the high-dollar motorcycle seasonally migrate to be sold, and usually, the prices are sky high. This year was an exception. The prices certainly weren’t cheap, but some of the same motorcycles that sold for big bucks in recent times resurfaced and sold for less. Times are hard all over. Here are so of the bikes that caught our attention.

This 1967 Penton 125 was the bike that laid the foundation for present-day KTM. It was in great condition and sold for $11,00, which is less than a brand-new 150XC-W costs. That’s a real piece of history!
The twin port CZ was a milestone in motocross history. This one sold
The twin port CZ was a milestone in motocross history. This one sold for $15,400.
This 1970 Husky 400 Cross was actually owned by Malcolm Smith himself. It was restored by John LeFevre. It left Mecum’s with a new owner for $12,100.
There were only 600 of these Kawasaki KX250s imported in 1978. This one sold for $23,100. Wow.
Little-known fact; after winning the USGP five times, Gerrit Wolsink turned to enduro. He rode this very Maico Six Days in the 1980 Dutch Enduro Championship. It sold for $8800.
This perfectly restored 1976 Suzuki RM125A sold for $8800.
How about a 1976 Suzuki RM250 that still has the original kickstand? Only $6600.
DeCoster’s bike never looked this good. This 1976 Suzuki RM370A went for $7150
Maybe you heard of the Scott Super Squirrel, maybe not. It was one of the first mainstream two-strokes. This one was $7700.
Some of the bikes were unrestored. You could have taken home this 1981 Yamaha YZ465 for $2200.
Not everything sells. This 1977 Bultaco 370 Pursang went unclaimed.


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Since 2010, the BDR non-profit has created 12 trans-state routes for adventure and dual-sport motorcycle travel. Now, BDR announces its thirteenth route, the Northern California Backcountry Discovery Route (CABDR-North), produced in partnership with BMW Motorrad USAZero MotorcyclesOutback Motortek and Edelweiss Bike Travel.

The route release includes free GPS tracks, a digital map, a printed waterproof map, professional photographs, and travel resources available now at

A documentary expedition film, directed by Sterling Noren and produced by BDR Documentary Films debuts tonight in Sacramento, CA, followed by a national Film Tour with over 70 film screenings at dealerships and clubs around the country.  The film will be available online for free in May after the completion of the film tour.

This route marks a significant milestone for the ADV community, offering riders an opportunity to traverse the finest off-pavement backcountry tracks from Mexico to Canada on a BDR.

Over five years in the making the NorCal BDR will awe riders with its exhilarating riding terrain, breathtaking scenery and rich history.



Finally the perfect fix for all KTM / Husky / GASGAS 125/150 owners that have burnt out their crank and are looking for a less expensive way to get back on the track while at the same time improving performance. As you know most of the time when the KTM/Husky 125/150 crank goes bad you will need to buy a complete assembly for $640.00 because the heat has melted the plastic stuffers and left your crank halves unusable. WMR the premier race shop on the east coast teamed up with Nihilo Concepts to develop the ultimate crank modification and repair. Nihilo Concepts has precisely machined new crank stuffers to the perfect shape and weight to maximize the KTM / Husky / GASGAS 125/150’s crank shaft performance. The new design brings the stock crank closer to a perfectly balanced system. The stock plastic stuffers are too light and melt when the crank heats up leaving your old crank components useless. Machined from 6061 Billet aluminum and shaped to enhance the counter weight of the crank assembly the Nihilo Stuffers are both functional and money saving. The cost to install the new Billet stuffers and re-build the crank is about $300.00 less than buying a new stock crank. Next time you need a new crank shaft or just want to improve your motors performance pick up a set of Nihilo Concepts KTM/Husky 125/150 Billet Stuffers.

Price: $109.99




Create a personalized look for your Husqvarna, Gas Gas or KTM off-road or MX machine with a new plastic parts kit and choose from one of four different colors. These new proprietary plastics kits offer considerable savings over buying individual bodywork items and are available exclusively through Husqvarna Motorcycles dealerships.

Price: $ 199.99

Contact: Your Local Authorized KTM, Husqvarna Or Gas Gas Dealer


The all new Moto Vest from Moose Racing is constructed of lightweight, breathable fabric featuring a vented back panel, rear compartment for storage, hand warmer pockets, semi-auto locking YKK zippers and fade-resistant sublimated graphics.

Price: $69.95

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A few years back, Terry Good of the International Motocross Museum came west to attend Bob Hannah’s induction into the Glen Helen Walk Of Fame. He brought along the very bike that Bob used to win his first 125 National Championship: the OW27. We took it to the Dirt Bike photo studio and Ron Lawson shot it up and down before transporting it to Glen Helen for the official ceremony. The bike was the subject of controversy in 1976 because of the Claiming Rule, which allowed any rider to buy a competitor’s bike. That almost scared all the Japanese teams out of the sport. The OW27 is a beautiful machine today just like it was in 1976.


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