Photos courtesy of Redbull Content Pool

Graham Jarvis

Graham Jarvis is still the man in Extreme Enduro. Graham came from a 17th place start and stole the lead in the closing stages of the race.

Manuel Lettenbichler

Manuel Lettenbichler spent most of the race in first place. Manny got passed by Graham and Jonny in the section called Green Hell. 

Taddy Blazusiak led off the start, but a damaged header pipe cost him the lead. He would put a new one on the bike and finish in 8th.

Colton Haaker

Colton Haaker was the first American ever to win the Prologue at Erzberg. He was off to a good start but had some issues in the Hare Scramble and finished in 12th. Haaker finished the race with a severely smashed foot, luckily nothing was broken.

Graham Jarvis and Jonny Walker had a good battle through Karl’s Dinner. Jonny finished less than a minute behind Graham. He now leads the points after another 2nd place finish in the WESS series.


 Cody Webb’s crash on the Prologue where he broke his foot and finger. He is on the mend and will miss the next round of the World Enduro Super Series in France.


 Travis Teasdale was the only rider to make it this far up Green Hell; he was making moves at the end of the race. He passed Taddy and Mario Roman up this brutal climb. Travis finished an impressive 6th place on his Beta.


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