Endurocross, Guthrie, Oklahoma

October 6, 2007

Day Qualifier:

I wasn’t a seeded rider, so that meant I had to ride in the day qualifiers to have a shot at making it into the night show. I rode the vet class and the expert class. They only took 2-riders into the show out of the vet’s and a little bit more out of the expert class (for the night show). It actually started off pretty rough for me and I was struggling early. I missed making the expert qualifier the first time, after I was leading, and then took a good soil sample. Towards the end of the day I finally made it in through the vet race.

Night Show:

By this time I was feeling a lot better on the bike and felt good with the track. My first heat was pretty stacked. It had a lot of really good riders in it, and they only took two to the main event. I had a good jump, and was around 4th after the second turn. This is where I stayed for a few laps, and then I was able to get around Nick Brozovich when he went down in the water. Now I was in third, with David Night leading and Ricky Dietrich in second (I was about 5 seconds back). Dowd was in 4th. With the white flag coming out, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to get by Ricky unless he made a mistake. I was more worried about Dowd since he was all over me. Then he made a nice pass just before the finish, so I ended up 4th.

Semi 1:

In this race they only took 1st to the main event. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, because there were still a lot of great riders that didn’t qualify yet. I had another good start, and was right behind Dowd. I made a few mistakes on the first couple laps, but then got into a groove. Dowdy had about 7 seconds on me after two laps, but by the time we got to the finish I had closed it up. Unfortunately, I still didn’t qualify. I actually felt really good, but the mistakes early on cost me.


This was another race they were only taking 1 out of, and it was my last shot. I finally nailed the hole-shot and knew I had a great chance. After the first lap I was still in the lead, but Nick Brozovich put a good pass on me and put me back into second. I also had Bobby Garrison putting in a good ride right behind me. With two laps to go, I was about 2 seconds back and started to push it really hard. Then I stalled it going over a big obstacle, but at the same time I looked up and saw that Nick was also down. It took me a little over 5-seconds to get it started, but it seemed a lot longer. By the time I got it going, one of the good trials guys passed me too. Now the white flag was out, and I was right behind both of them (within a second). That’s where I ended up and I missed the main event.

Overall Summary:

I was pretty bummed with the way they day started out, but by the time I got to the night show I felt more like myself. I’ve only practiced riding Endurocross once since last year, and it showed early on. I know I’ll be practicing a lot more before the Vegas round! Even though I didn’t make the main, I had a great time racing with everyone.

Other Notes:

My next race will be in two weeks at the Pismo WORCS race.

If you haven’t ever been to an Endurocross, I highly recommend it! Even though I didn’t make the main event, I still had a blast watching. David Night went on to win the race, with Damon Huffman 2nd and David Pearson 3rd. Pearson was on fire and actually passed Night on the second lap, but went down a little later when he was still battling with him.

David Night has a shot at winning the triple-crown now. He won the first two rounds and now he just needs to win Vegas to pick-up the $50,000 check. That would be nice to have that!

My Kawasaki Monster teammates had a little bit of a rough night. Ricky actually made it into the main, but went down in the first turn. He definitely had the speed to win or at least be on the podium, but starting dead last didn’t help. He ended up finishing 7th. Ricky still has my www.destryabbott.com sticker on his helmet, which was really cool. Then Nathan put in the fastest lap for qualifying for gate pick. Unfortunately, during the night show he had a couple big crashes and had to call it a night.

This weekend I raced with the Rekluse clutch for the first time and it was awesome. I’ll be sure to have it in my bike for the Vegas race too. It was like cheating and most of the time I never used the clutch, which was nice when my arms were tight. You can check their stuff at www.rekluse.com.

It was great to see some of the industry people at the Endurocross. I’m pretty sure Joe Parsons from Monster had a great time.

I attached a few photos from the night show. They were taken my TFS from motonews.com.

Main event:

1. David Knight (KTM)

2. Damon Huffman (Suz)

3. Dave Pearson (KTM)

4. Keith Wineland (Mon)

5. Nick Brozovich (Yam)

6. Ricky Dietrich (Kaw)

7. John Dowd (Suz)

8. Matt Karlson (Kaw)

9. Jamie Lanza (Kaw)

10. Ty Davis (Yam)

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