I drove out Thursday with Cooper (my son) and went to see Darryl at ACME.
Coop helped me change some suspension and tried to loosen up a couple of
things when I wasn’t looking. LOL. After Darryl’s, we drove down to John
Braasch’s to spend the night. In the morning, we went over to Kawasaki to do
some final adjustments on the bikes. Reid, at Kawasaki, hooked Coop up with
a few goodies which he really liked. Jonathan and I had to get three bikes
ready for this weekends races. I’ll be racing four different races (maybe
five). I’ll be racing three on Saturday and maybe two on Sunday with one
being the big pro race. I won the Harvey Mushman (pro race) two years ago, and actually had a nice lead last year until a lapper took me out of the
race. I’m really hoping to win this race again, because I’m not sure how
much longer they’re going to be able to have it with all the houses being
built here. Time to get to bed so I can get up early and race.


Unclassified Race:
I was racing the first race of the weekend (unclassified). The race started nice and early, at 7:00 a.m. I was able to start on the front row and got a pretty good start. I believe Scott Myers was first. Then there was someone else in between us. I was able to get into second after the first lap. A couple of laps later Justin Keeney was right on me and I waved him by to see some of his lines. Scott had a little over 10 seconds on us. After a couple of laps I was able to get past Justin when he made a mistake. I was able to get up on Scott and then make the pass on him with two laps to go. I felt pretty good and took the win with some room to spare.

125 Race:
My next race was the 125 race at 9:00. I always look forward to this race,
because I get to race my KXF250. This is one of my favorite bikes to ride,
but I just need a little more motor for the bigger races. When we took off,
I was second at the first turn behind Joey Lanza. I made a pass down one of
the dirt sections, but knew there were some fast guys still behind me. For
the next couple of laps, I pushed it pretty hard and built up a nice lead
(25 seconds). Then I was having some fun and had settled into a decent pace,
when I realized Ryan Villopoto was within 10 seconds of me. I decided I had better get on the gas if I wanted to hold on to the win. There were three laps left and I kept the 10 second gap between us until we went through the finish, where he was pretty close (5 seconds). I took the win with Ryan winning the intermediate class (he was sand bagging:). Ryan is a really cool kid and I’m sure in a year or two he’ll be theone to watch in the mx/sx pro scene.

250 Race:
I had a couple of hours to rest before my 250 race at 12:00. This race had a
lot of fast guys in it. When I took off, I had a really bad start and was
around 7th. Just before the first lap, I made a pass on Joey to get into
third. Then coming down the final straight-away into the finish, Bobby
Bonds went down on the pavement. Now I was second, behind Scott Myers who
built up a nice gap on us (15 seconds). I was trying hard, but was having a
tough time adapting to the new KX250 after jumping off the 250F. A couple of
laps went by, and Bobby was on me so I just waved him by so I wouldn’t hold
him up. Two laps later, I finally started to ride like myself and was able to start closing the gap on Scott and Bobby. Then Scott had a front flat
tire and pulled off. I was able to make up a little time on Bobby, but not
enough before we finished the race. I was hoping to win all the classes I
raced today, but I do feel good for tomorrows race. Third went to Justin
Kenney who was riding really well. It was nice to see Kawasaki sweep this

Unclassified Overall:
1st Destry Abbott
2nd Scott Myers

125 Overall:
1st Destry Abbott
2nd Ryan Villipoto
3rd Joey Lanza

250 Overall:
1st Bobby Bonds
2nd Destry Abbott
3rd Justin Kenney

After sleeping in a little (it’s hard to sleep when guys start there bikes
up at 6:15a.m:) I got out of the motor home and went to check things out.
The Harvey Mushman race didn’t start until 1:00, after all the races were
done, and the course was pretty beat up. I went out to the back side of the
track where most of the spectators hang out. This is the best place to watch
because it has a couple of big jumps and a bud hole crossing. I hung out and
cheered on some of my buddies that were racing. Then it was time to get back
and get ready for the three hour race. I was lucky enough to be on the front
row (10 riders on a row). I believe there were around 150 to 200 riders in
this race, and you don’t want to be starting in the back. I had a decent
start and was third leaving the first pavement section. Just as Scott Myers
(who was leading) got on the dirt section, he had his rear tire come off the wheel and everyone went by him. Scott was riding really good all weekend and I thought he would be one of the top guys to beat. At this point I was following someone on a Yamaha (not sure who, but it was a mx guy) and was able to make the pass pretty quick. Now I was right where I wanted to be,
but Bobby Bonds was all over me. We actually hit each other on one of the
jeep roads along the mountain. It was one of those moments I had to make
sure everything was still in place. I then gave him the wave by to take the
lead, before we were both picking ourselves up off the ground. This race is a lot like a marathon and I figured I’d just play it safe early. After a few
laps, Bobby started to put a little gap on me with Ryan Villopoto and Justin
Kenney (two mx kids) fighting for third and fourth along with Joey Lanza.
Now we were coming up on the hour mark and the first pit stops of the race.
When we pitted Bobby had about 30 seconds on me, and then I believe it was Ryan in third (not sure how far back). The next hour was pretty uneventful and I just kept the same pace going, but Bobby was able to open the gap to almost a minute. Now he were coming into the second hour, and the last pit stop. I really wanted to pick it up to see if I could catch him. I closed in to 35 seconds, but that was as close as it ever got again. Bobby was just riding really good today and I didn’t want to take too many chances with all the lappers. I was also starting to feel my body ache, and kept asking myself why I do this every year. It’s one of those races you love to do, but can’t wait for it to be over at half way through. This year it seemed a lot rougher, but I guess that’s what you get when over a 1000 racers race on a 4-mile course. I ended up finishing a minute behind for second, with Ryan a
couple of minutes behind me. I had a great time again, and now as I’m
writing this, I’m already looking forward to next year. How quickly we
racers forget! For those of you who haven’t had the opportunity to race
Elsinore yet, you might want to give it a try before it’s to late.

Results overall pro race:
1st Bobby Bonds (Kaw)
2nd Destry Abbott (Kaw)
3rd Ryan Villopoto (Kaw)
4th Joey Lanza
5th David Reese
6th Spud Walters

Other Notes:
Kurt Caselli had some bad luck in Sunday’s morning unclassified race. A
slower rider hit him at a good speed, and sent him towards a wood poll. He
clipped it and went over the bars and broke his foot in two places. It’s a
good thing that it wasn’t worse. We wish him a fast recovery.

It was great to see Kawasaki get all three spots on the podium. I just wish
I was on the top of it. LOL!

Ryan Villopoto raced his 250F in the pro race. As fast as that race was, he
did really good and I’m sure he’s going to be a great mx/sx rider.

Goat did a great job, as usual, putting the Elsinore G.P. together. I know
he puts a lot of work into the race. This race is always organized and him
and his crew put forth a lot of effort to make it a fun and safe weekend for
us racers. Thanks!

Best Wishes,


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