Rich Taylor and the crew at EKS Brand Goggles have been busy expanding their product line. Just recently they released new colorways with updated styling on existing goggles and introduced the all-new Lucid goggles with a proprietary quick-release lens design that is sure to change the market. Taylor sat down with us and explained three of the EKS Brand’s hottest items headed into 2023.

XGROM: The XGROM goggles have nearly all the benefits of its big bro, the GOX goggles. This isn’t just your average “kids’ goggles.” These are full-blown race goggles for the kid who needs to see their way to the finish line. It also carries some impressive results along with it. These goggles have helped riders to countless amateur AMA motocross championships, as well as national BMX titles.
With integrated tear-off posts on the anti-fog-coated P/C, clear or mirrored lens, along with two-layer, 15mm-thick, sweat-absorbing face foam and EKS’s ultra-pliable urethane frame, the little rippers will be seeing their way clearly to comfort and style!
Price: $25.99

FLAT-OUT MIRROR: The GOX Flat-Out Mirror goggles are arguably the best-valued goggles around! These goggles come with all the features of most $80 goggles on the market today at a fraction of the price. Our top racers have won major national and world championships wearing these goggles. Kyle Chisholm uses the Flat-Out series of goggles to “Chis” his way to the top privateer award, week in and week out. These goggles come standard with our amazing four-layer sweat-absorbing face foam, our Poly-Flex frame material, for an amazing fit and anti-fog-coated, polycarbonate mirrored lenses. These goggles are the real deal!
Price: $39.99

LUCID: Characterized by clear perception, the new Lucid goggles are derived from over 35 years of goggle experience, passion and evolution. As the world evolves, so does clear vision. The new Lucid goggles have progressed vision and goggle function to the maximum with the incredible XDO (Extreme Definition Optics) lens technology, along with our rugged, DYAD, sonic-welded hard outer frame, which holds the lens in place and creates the ultimate defense against flying debris and heavy roost. This hard outer is bonded to a soft inner frame made of our exclusive Poly-Flex, face-forming ethyl carbamate material, and our 3D-designed, 17mm-formed face foam allows the goggle to form to nearly every face shape to create the best seal and fit while eliminating virtually any pressure points. The game-changer is, the Lucid Wavelatch lens-locking system keeps the XDO lens held and sealed tight while allowing the rider to quickly change lens tints with just the slide of their thumb. It’s easy and quick!
Price: $ 99.00
For more information on the complete line of EKS Brand products, go to www.eksbrand.com.



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