British Enduro Guru Paul Edmondson has finally returned from the US to race once again with Husqvarna in the World Enduro Championships. He visited the Husqvarna factory in Schiranna (Varese), ITALY last week to sign a 12 month contract with the Italian Manufacturer for the 2002 Race season.

Despite the fact Edmondson already has four world enduro titles, one European title, three Spanish titles and six British titles under his belt (to name a few!) he is hungrier than ever for a win on the circuit which he dominated in the early nineties before heading off to the US. Edmondson will ride the new Husqvarna 250 4 stroke next year in the World Enduro Championships with the CH Racing Team and the British Enduro Championships with the assistance of British importer Mike Carter.

“I have ridden Husqvarnas before and I like the way they feel on the track. From my experience in the past with the World Enduro Circuit, I know that a good team is crucial to getting good results. I have worked with Fabrizio Azzalin and the CH Racing Team before and feel confident that they are capable of helping me achieve my best performance. I am also excited about the prospect of developing their new 250 four stroke, and believe we have a good product to work with.” said Edmondson last week.

Fabrizio Azzalin has finalised his riders for the 2001 world enduro season, where it will be represented by a very strong team consisting of the Finn riders Petteri Silvan and Samuli Aro in the 125 and 250 2 stroke classes and Edmondson, the world champion Merriman and the Swede Eriksson who will run respectively in the 250, 400 and over 4 stroke classes.


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