Dear Mr. Know-It-All,
I’m looking to make my tire changes at home easier, so I don’t always have to take them to a shop. I struggle holding the bead of the tire down in one place and end up chasing it around the rim while I’m installing a new tire or doing a tube change. Is there an easier way to hold the bead in place once I get the tire started, besides another tire iron or my knees? Sorry to bug you.
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Years ago I learned a big lesson from Malcolm Smith when it came to changing tires. He said, “You have to be smarter than the tire.” Installing tires can be a frustrating experience, and keeping the bead dropped is the key to success. For your specific need, the Motion Pro Bead Buddy works very simply and is stunningly effective. Once you get a section of the bead down in the rim, slide the tongue into the rim and then hook it onto the closest spoke. This will hold the bead of the tire down in the rim, keeping you from losing the progress you’ve already made on the tire. You can now take your time and slowly work your tire on the rim without worrying about the bead trying to seat or that extra tire iron flying across the shop and hitting your dog. Once the tire is on, you can easily pop the tool out of the rim with little to no effort.

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