Josh Grant is one of the most talented riders in America today, and it’s only fitting that he now has a World Championship to his credit. The former Kawasaki factory rider is now 32 years old, which makes him eligible for the 30-Plus Pro class in the Dubya World Vet Championship. He won the class easily on a 2019 KX450 sporting logos for HLTN casual wear. He is one of the few riders to have won this title while still actively racing in the pro ranks. This year, his season was shortened by injury, six rounds into the Monster Energy Supercross season.

This year the event was truly international, with Denmark’s Tonni Anderson in the mix for second place. He eventually had to give it up to Glen Helen specialist Jeff Loop, who went 3-2 for the day.

Kris Keefer was riding well on a KTM test bike.

At noon, an intermission was held for the annual presentation of the Edison Dye Lifetime Achievement Award. This is tribute to those who have given a lifetime of support to the sport of motocross. It was the passion of the late Tom White, who had been instrumental in the selection of recipients every year until now. This year, Glen Helen President Bud Feldkamp made the final call. The honoree was Motocross Action Editor Jody Weisel.

Larry Huffman and Jody Weisel

Iconic Supercross announcer Larry Huffman was the Master of Ceremonies for the presentation, which featured a video of Jody’s achievements by Travis Fant. Pro Circuit’s Mitch Payton also spoke, along with early motocross legends Lars Larsen and Gary Jones.

There were at least a half-dozen former national champions on hand for the presnetattion, including Cuck Sun and Broc Glover. For full results on the weekend’s racing, go to glenhelen.com.



Josh Grant (Kaw)–1-1
Jeff Loop (Yam)–3-2
Tonni Andersen (KTM)–2-3
Daryl Hurley (Suz)–4-4
Kris Keefer (Yam)–6-5
Benny Breck (Hon)–5-7
Dennis Stapleton (KTM)–7-6
Toby Ring (Hus)–8-8
Billy Jervich (KTM)–9-9
Matt Karlsen (Hon)–10-10
Bill Fosnock (Hon)–12-11
Mike Cundari (Yam)–11-14
Luke Temple (Kaw)–15-12
Stephen Heishton (Hon)–14-15
Ryan Wilson (Hon)–17-13
Imre Adamek (KTM)–16-16
Micheal Carter (Hon)–13-DNF


Kurt Nicoll (KTM)–1-1
Don Bisceglia (Hus)–2-2
Ed Foedish (Yam)–3-3
Darren Cahill (Yam)–5-4
Jon Ortner (Yam)–6-5
Tim Tynan (Yam)–8-6
Steve Nelson (Yam)–9-7
Jorge Negretti (Yam)–7-9
Rick Ellis (KTM)–4-12
Glenn Clarke (Hon)–10-8
Loren Pochirowski (Kaw)–11-11
Ed Heacox (Yam)–13-10
Michael Krattli (Hon)–15-13
Robert Reisinger (Hus)–12-DNF
Ken Smith (KTM)–14-DNF

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