Ty Davis & Husqvarna Crowned Kings Of Adelanto GP

Ty davisFebruary 24, 2010 – Woodcliff Lake, NJ – The 30th and final running of the Adelanto Grand Prix went off with a roar rather than a whimper! The weekend-long extravaganza proved a fitting setting for Ty Davis and his Zip-Ty Husqvarna team to say goodbye to this California desert racing classic… from the top of the podium, of course. The festivities were capped off by Davis being crowned the all-time king of the Adelanto GP by the host Desert Vipers Motorcycle Club.

Boasting entries numbering into the thousands, and featuring back-to-back, ultra high-speed 45-minute races, this GP gives new meaning to ‘wide open’ race competition! Saturday’s program started with Zip-Ty rider Bobby Garrison taking his WR 125 to the team’s first podium visit with a 125 Expert Class victory. Although he had not ridden a 125 in years, Garrison fired it up first kick and immediately seemed right at home on the potent 2-stroke. By the way, this was the first 2010 Husqvarna 125 model in the country, fresh from the editors of Dirt Rider magazine who just named it the best of the breed. Garrison dominated the tiddler class, eventually finishing 4th overall against the combined 125cc and larger displacement field.

Not to be outdone by Bobby Garrison’s win, team honcho Ty Davis entered his 2010 Husqvarna TXC 450 in the 30+ Expert Class. He didn’t get an ideal start, but savvy riding soon had Davis on the heels of the leader by the second lap. He then settled into a blistering pace and took the checkers with a win of his own. Davis believes in leading his team from the front!

2010 wr 250
Husqvarna 2010 WR 250

As expected, the Adelanto Pro Main event race was a barn burner as all four Zip-Ty Racing team members were in the hunt. Davis was joined by desert master and U.S.D.R. #1 plate holder Nick Burson in the 450 Pro Class on the new Husqvarna TXC 450s. Meanwhile Garrison opted for a Husqvarna TC 250 4-stroke and Canadian export Cory Graffunder threw his leg over a 2-stroke Husqvarna WR 250. Despite the differing choices of bikes, all the Zip-Ty Racing teammates were battling at the front of the pack. When the dust finally settled, Davis and Burson were 3rd and 7th overall respectively, while Garrison snatched the 250 Pro win (8th overall against the open class bikes) and Graffunder followed in 3rd.

However Ty Davis had one more victory lap in store before closing out the Adelanto GP he has done so well at over the years. He decided to race his last race at Adelanto on a 2-stroke just as he did in his first GP nearly two decades ago by picking the WR 250 for the 250 Expert Class race on Sunday. Davis diced with some riders in the beginning but rode off into the sunset as the easy winner of the 250 Experts.

‘It was a great weekend for me, for the Zip-Ty Team and for Husqvarna,’ says Davis, but he admits it is a little bittersweet to think that this is the last of the legendary Adelanto GPs. ‘I was a little choked up when the Desert Viper’s honored me as the all-time King of Adelanto. I love this event and I’ve raced it since the early 1990s. It’s nice to know that we went out on a winning note,’ concludes the ‘The King.’

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