Dear Mr. Know-It-All,
I’ve cleaned the carburetor and flushed the tank on my kid’s 2002 TT-R125L at least a dozen times, but I continue to get green debris in the jets. The bike had been sitting for years. Where is all this nonsense coming from?
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Josh, Josh, Josh, use that complex organ that is attached to your neck. Today’s gasoline gums up rapidly as the fuel ages. Since about 10 percent of your gasoline is ethanol, as a solvent it tends to dissolve and loosen deposits in the tank, and they go straight to your petcock. With a machine that has been idle, the petcock screens disintegrate, allowing bad juju to find its way into your carburetor’s tiny jets. That’s guaranteed cloggage, my friend. Clean or replace your petcock and be rid of the spooge. 

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