THE ISSUE: A 450 motocross bike puts out more power than ever, and that taxes everything on a dirt bike. One part that takes the full brunt of all that power is the rear sprocket. So when your stock sprocket wears out in just a few rides, you can’t really blame it; it was a brave soldier  for even showing up to work. Using steel instead of aluminum would be great if it werenít for the unsprung weight.

The Supersprox lasts as long as steel but weighs half as much.

THE PRODUCT: A Czech company called Supersprox came up with the idea of mixing steel with aluminum. The sprocket has two sections; the part with the teeth is made of steel and the center section is made of aluminum. The two sections are riveted together in six places. From a manufacturing point of view, it makes perfect sense because the inner sections are for specific bikes and the outer sections are for specific sizes (tooth counts). So if they run low on a specific sprocket, they can quickly mix, match and put it together. That keeps the price down. The company has a U.S. patent on its design.

THE WORD: Of course, the Supersprox lasts a long time. Weíve used them on a number of bikes over the last two years and the wear is excellent. The teeth still wear out, but it takes about twice as long as a [good] quality aluminum sprocket. It will last maybe three times longer than the O.E. sprocket on a Honda. Itís difficult to say how many hours that is because riding conditions are much more critical for sprockets than for any other motorcycle part. We remember a wet, sandy ISDE in Holland where sprockets were the most sought-after item in the country. They would last only a day. But in dry, normal conditions and with a high-quality chain, we can expect a good 50 hours out of the Supersprox.

      As you might expect, the product is heavier than an aluminum sprocket but lighter than a steel one. For a comparison, a high-quality, 50-tooth, aluminum sprocket weighs around 13 ounces. Steel sprockets weigh about four pounds. A 50-tooth Supersprox weighs one pound, 10 ounces. Thatís a much easier pill to swallow, especially if you just paid $900 on a titanium pipe to save two pounds.

      The Supersprox sells for $79, which is less than some name-brand aluminum sprockets. Go to www.supersproxusa.com or call Motoman Distributing at (909) 608-0082.


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