If there’s any drama with the Suzuki RM-Z450 FI bike it’s not the controllable lower portion of the powerband. The fuel injection makes for a linear, super clean application of throttle with the only gripe coming from the lack of over-rev. So, changing out the exhaust has to be for a reason other than accessorizing the machine; be it weight, performance or tune-ability.

      The Leo Vince X3 exhaust system is flat gorgeous, saves nearly three pounds over the stock RM-Z unit and enhances the area of performance that is most useable to the pilot- a broader and longer pulling mid to top band of power. Installation is a bit of a frenzy since the X3 comes with a gaggle of springs, couples, carbon fiber mounts, spacers and tuning devices that are not found on the stock system. Bolt up takes a little time and the spring-fit design interaction between the header, mid-pipe and tail section offer enough flex and pivot to retain a tight seal and a good fit.  
      The sound level is really appealing offering a softer bite than the stocker. This can be easily tuned down to 96db via the insert. The power is very close to the stocker, though we felt more of a mid hit that was tagged with smarter yank into the upper reaches of the tight powerband. Overall the Leo Vince X3 is not only lighter, is db tunable (though it does cost you snap) and is fit with incredibly sano carbon fiber guards at the header. While it may seem hard to stomach a beefy price tag of $899.00 it gets a thumbs up for the sano/power/noise factor and a half smile for the out of pocket cost (which honestly is in line with all of the top of the line exhaust companies out there.
The Leo Vince systems are available from both Parts Unlimited and WPS dealers, their customer hot line is :

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