In the life of the off-roader and that of the big-bore motocross enthusiast, a strong driveline is, as ridiculous as this sounds…key. The majority of the chains that come on today’s 450s are non-o-ring for one reason- they’re cheap. When you look at the wider scoop of the off-road/enduro machine most of them come fit with an o-ring chain, yet the drag that they induce robs performance until the chain heats up to an acceptable level.

D.I.D’s X-Ring chain was designed to work with high performance road racers and upper echelon 4-stroke dirt bikes. Its construction reduces friction since the X-ring actually twists between the chain plates instead of being squashed like a normal o-ring. The result is that the X-Ring disperses pressure and minimizes power loss. Also, it has four contact points for increased sealing, which in effect makes for excellent wear resistance.

Besides the fact that the X-Ring comes as an endless chain (that means no master link!), which makes installation a little tricky if you don’t have a good Chain Tool (Motion Pro’s chain breaker & riveting tool Part # 08-0058 is an excellent choice) there is no downside to the D.I.D X-Ring system. We’ve been testing the unit for over three months with excellent results. We’ve experienced very zero chain stretch, the unit rolls like a non-o-ring when cold, has the look and weight of a non-o-ring design and has held up with brutal efficiency. The bottom line is that the chain is a bit pricey (actually they’re pure gold and sell for almost double that of normal o-ringer) but it targets the high-end racer and in this world it rates as one of the best in the business.
Price: $184.95

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