Dirt Bike’s Test Report

Been a busy week, testing, testing and more testing. Our days have been filled with loading and unloading off road 450’s, eight of them to be exact. Adam’s Sprinter has been pumping black smoke, pulling around six motorcycles while Tom’s big beast of Nissan has been busting at the tailgate with a minimum of three big beasts. Spent Thursday at Glen Helen where their staff is busy getting ready for the GP and it looks like they are going to build a track that might scare the euros right out of the States.  We picked up our new YZ125 from the crew at Yamaha, slapped an FMF pipe on it and did some laps in preparation for the two stroke nationals coming up Sunday. Mark Tilley came out with a DRD pipe for our RM-Z250 so we spun even more laps on our little 250F before heading out into the hills to do more 450 off road testing for our comparison. Saw the KTM crew out testing on the new KTM’s, which had linkage and looked pretty trick. Here’s a photo report showcasing our endeavors.

Dirt Bike’s 450 Off-road comparo has begun. 

Big Air Tod launches the ‘Bergie for Wolf’s Nikon. 

Kyle handling a tricky zone in the DB off-road loop. Adam caught him playing. 

Kurt Caselli showed up and put our 250 through some abuse for our cameras. He and Webb chew on the fat between takes.

Tod Sciacqua floating the RMX450. 

The Beta has really turned a few heads!

Caselli ripping on the DB grass track! 

Big Joel was fighting fires all night, then abused our 450s. 

Yamaha came out to Glen Helen with a truck full of new YZ125s to test. 

Pipe testing on the new RM-Z250. DRD’s new system got strong reviews from the staff. 

KTM’s new ‘linked’ machine was seen putting in laps at Glen Helen.

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