Dirt Bike Test Report 7/9

It’s been pretty much wide open here at the hilariously plush and well vacuumed Dirt Bike offices. Although the weather is poking past the triple digit mark, new wagons are getting released and testing does not stop. During the last 14-days we’ve made trips back east testing some hop-up machines, drug our chins around Glen Helen’s circuit attempting to punish the YZ125 and 144 2-smokers, hammered the hills on one of the most decorated KTM 250 XCs that we’ve ever gazed upon and had a hoot of a day testing the new KX250 and KTM 450SX-F at Racetown’s 395 track. Here’s a quick look at some of the results, full reports will go in the issue that we’re currently working on.


Over and out

Team DB


Adam Booth and Ryan Orr hammer Glen Helen’s National track testing the Yamaha YZ125 and YZ144.


Booth-Orr speak:

Orr-“I’ve got more hair, I’m younger, faster and have a wicked girl friend”

Booth-“I’m calling Tilley next time I need a test rider…”


Adam was in Ohio testing some modified machines, including this very sano Wiseco Honda CRF250R.


Kyle Redmond attempts to yank the throttle cable out of the ’11 Gas Gas EC250F.


Dick Wilk’s personal bike is this highly modified KTM 250XC. It has more bling dangling off it than a rap star.


Booth tested new maps on the Honda CRF250R, our well worn ’10 test model. He came away stunned at just how tunable the power with fuel and timing changes to the ECU.



The mighty Orr-meister pounded Racetown’s superb track working on a suspension setting on the new KX250F.


While the Dirt Bike men tested during the heat of the day, MXA’s (our sister pub) editors hid under the tents and discussed their tans.




Suzuki’s Mike Webb snuck away from his expecting wife long enough to put in some good moto at Racetown.


Our own Booth-monger floating a third gear table.


Fox Racing Warren Johnson had rented 395 and invited his friends to enjoy the track. We snuck in.


KTM’s Tom Moen and DB’s Orr-igami talk smack about the new 450SX-F.


Ryan came away loving the powerband on the new 450, but fighting off a front end that was stiff for his liking.



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