PRODUCT: This is actually a service to KTM EXC owners with fuel-injected machines. The machines (both the 350 and the 500) computers are locked and set up lean in order to meet legalities and offer good fuel economy. Riders searching for more power, or those who have swapped out the exhaust for a more flowing unit need more fuel. Bestdualsportbikes.com offers a service where they modify the stock body to where it simply offers a very noticeable gain in throttle response.

POSITIVE: It works. We shipped out throttle body (complete) to the BDSB, got it back in less than a week and yahoo, our bike was stronger, pulled harder and wouldn’t flame out when we short shifted and lugged the motor. We have no clue what they modified, just that it works. On our 350 the power improved dramatically off idle, and worked really well with an FMF exhaust. Same deal with the 500, but the bigger news there was its ability to chug far cleaner with virtually none of the standard ‘stalls’.

The negative side of this ordeal is having to yank your throttle body and ship it out. Bestdualsportbikes does offer an entire stock system for sale, already modded for $400.00.

BOTTOM LINE: This is a super strong mod for the FI KTM EXCs. For $125 you definitely feel the performance increase and other than the nightmare of yanking the system and shipping it out, it’s most definitely worth the punishment. Remember, you will need to ship your complete throttle body to www.bestdualsportbikes.com. Go to their website, they have full instructions and contact info.

Contact: www.bestdualsportbikes.com

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