THE ISSUE: Stock chain guides get roached quickly in off-road activities and can lead to a derailed chain and catastrophic problems. The issue rests in the aluminum guard that most manufacturers use as a protection system. Every off-road team runs a chain guide system that can absorb a hit without losing its integrity and shape.

THE PRODUCT: The BRP ‘Polymer’ Chain Guide is CAD designed and CNC machined using UHMW-PE polymer material. With its extremely low coefficient to friction, inherent abrasion resistance, designed impact resistance, and self-lubricating properties, the BRP guide is designed to get you through the gnarly stuff and is able to absorb a hit without bending like OEM or other aluminum chain guards.

THE WORD: We’ve been testing this unit for almost three months now and it shows little wear and has offered nothing in the way of problems. On our KTM 300 our riding preferences lean towards ugly, so boulder bashing is a built-in class. The BRP unit takes even the most hard-core of lessons and flips the pages like it’s a kids cartoon. It has a one-year warranty and is used and endorsed by a number of high-end off-road racing teams.
$69.95, 800-834-9363, www.brpmoto.com

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