Dietrich wins WORCS, Caselli tied for Championhsip lead

Auburn, WA – Red Bull KTM Factory rider Kurt Caselli earned his third podium for the season at the fourth round of the WORCS Series.

Caselli had a great start when he pulled the holeshot and led for the majority of the first lap. Washington native, Ricky Dietrich made it past Caselli before the end of lap one. “Dietrich was flying out there today and I didn’t have the speed to stay with him,” remarked Caselli.

Back further in the top ten, was Caselli’s teammate, Justin Soule. “I had a horrible start and managed to crash quite a few times on the first few laps,” remarked Soule. “Once the crashing was out of the way, I eventually found my rhythm and broke into the top ten and started catching up to the top five.” It wasn’t long before Soule was battling for the fifth position with top riders Tim Weigand and Damon Huffman. On the last lap of their three way battle Weigand fell down as he and Soule were dicing back and fourth. Weigand’s crash caused Soule to bobble allowing just enough space for Huffman to slide by. In a hard fight to the end, Soule ended up 6th for the day.


Meanwhile, Caselli had been running in the second spot until a crash sent him back into 8th. He quickly caught up, but only managed to recover up to third place by the end of the race. Caselli is now tied for the points lead with Bobby Garrison.

Next Event: Round 5 Hollister, CA – May 11, 2008

Overall Results:

  1. Ricky Dietrich

  2. Bobby Bonds

  3. Kurt Caselli – KTM

  4. Bobby Garrison

  5. Damon Huffman

  6. Justin Soule – KTM

  7. Tim Weigand

  8. Kyle Summers – KTM

  9. Rory Sullivan

  10. Dennis Stapleton

Overall Points:

  1. Kurt Caselli – 92

  2. Bobby Garrison – 92

  3. Ricky Dietrich – 87

  4. Bobby Bonds – 82

  5. Kyle Summers – 62

  6. Damon Huffman – 56

  7. Tim Weigand – 45

  8. Jamie Lanza – 40

  9. Justin Soule – 37

  10. Robby Bell – 37

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