Destry’s WORCS race story (Utah Sep. 2)


Monticello, Ut.
September 2, 2007


This was my first race back since my big crash at Washougal (AMA MX National). I started riding towards the end of last week and felt pretty good, so I decided to make the trip up to Utah this weekend. I feel good on the bike, but I’m not sure how my endurance is going to be. This is usually a pretty cool race, and as long as I ride a decent pace I still feel like I should be in the top 10 and get some valuable points.


I rode practice today and really liked the course. They have some great off-road sections that had some rocky stuff. That’s more up my alley, and I’m starting to feel a lot better about tomorrow. A few of us walked some of the pro sections, and after checking it out I know it’s going to be fun. The course has some really silty sections, but I’m sure the WORCS crew will do a great job with it tomorrow.

Race Day:

The race started just after 12:00. I had a good jump and was around 5th or 6th after the first corner. The first lap was pretty hectic, and I was changing positions with a lot of different riders. After the first lap, I was in 6th and felt pretty good. The top three guys were already checking out (Ricky, Caselli, and Woods). On the second lap, I was still in 6th and not far behind Ty and Garrison. The next two laps I was finally able to get by both of them and into 4th. Then I had to pit for gas, and they both got back by. Now it was back to work! First Ty pulled off with some sort of bike problem. Then the next lap, I got back by Garrison in a technical wash. I felt really good, and was a little surprised with the way the race has been going for me. With a little over three laps to go, I knew I was starting to have problems with my rear wheel. It felt like I was losing air, but I was running tire balls. The next lap it started to get worse, and I was pretty sure a lot of them started to pop. First it was Bonds getting by, and then it seemed like everyone slowly started to pass me. There really wasn’t much I could do. I decided to stick it out, and not stop for a tire change (bad decision on my part). Going out on the last two laps my tire was completely flat, but I was still in 7th. I was doing good until coming back onto the mx section (and close to the finish). Then I saw Matt and Kyle right behind me. I couldn’t do anything but watch them both go flying by me. I ended up finishing 9th at the checkered flag.

Overall Summary:

I have to say I was doing better then I thought I would. I really felt like I would’ve finished 4th until the rear flat. I just started riding right before the race, and wasn’t sure how my fitness was going to be. It’s been 5 weeks since I broke my ribs and partially collapsed my lung, so I was happy with the way things were going. Now I have a few weeks to get back to my training and then I’m planning on being on the podium for Hollister!

Results (Top 15 Pro):

1st Nathan Woods

2nd Kurt Caselli

3rd Ricky Dietrich

4th Bobby Bonds

5th Russell Pearson

6th Bobby Garrison

7th Matt Karlsen

8th Kyle Summers

9th Destry Abbott

10th Eric Rhoten

11th Robby Bell

12th Justin Soule

13th Ryan Orr

14th Richie Owens

15th Jim Bryant

Other Notes:

The big news for me this weekend was signing with Kawasaki again for another 2-year deal. They’ve always been great to me and it’s by far the best move I’ve ever made when I went to Kawasaki. I’ve been with them for 11-years now and I’m just happy to continue our relationship. My main focus will be the H&H’s and WORCS series. I’ll also be doing some other selective races; GNCC’s, Endurocross’s, etc.

I need to give Ricky Dietrich a big plug for running my sticker on his helmet during this weekend race. What a guy he is!

On Monday, WORCS put on their third annual industry ride just west of Monticello. There were a lot of people that showed up, and I’m pretty sure we all had a great time. These were some of the best trails I’ve ridden in a long time. They even had a catered lunch after our ride.

I was surprised to hear Ryan Hughes wasn’t going to be racing. I was told he’s been having some problems with his arm (from his last break). I’m not sure if he’s going to be racing any more of the WORCS races.

On Saturday Mike Kiedrowski had a little get off during the pro practice. It looks like he might’ve broken his thumb and wrist. I hope he has a fast recovery!

Robby Goolsby had a big crash during his Saturday race and was taken to the local hospital with a concussion. He still showed up and watched his brother race on Sunday though.

Jonny put in a great ride and finished 3rd in the 250B race on Saturday. Then it was back to working on my race bike for Sunday. He built me a new KX450 for this weekend and it worked perfect.

My next race isn’t until the end of the month. I have a few weeks off, then I’ll be back at the next WORCS round up in Hollister, California. It will be good to have a few more weeks to train hard and get myself up on the podium.

I attached some photos from Thanks for the photos!

Best Wishes,


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