Destry’s WORCS race story (round 2) Primm, Nv.

Race Day:
This was the first time we’ve ever raced here and I didn’t know what to expect. I can tell you I didn’t think it would be as sandy as it was though. I actually thought it was going to be more like a desert race and rockier, but I was definitely wrong! I don’t really think of myself as a sand rider and I’m not a big fan of it, but I was trying to talk myself into how much I like it (wasn’t working to well). The one good thing about this race was the fact that it was a dead engine start! (They didn’t have a starting gate). When the flag rose I had a first kick start and was 4th into the corner. Soule grabbed the hotshot, followed by Caselli, Sutherlin, and then myself. After the first lap, Caselli took the lead with Soule, Kyle Summer, myself, and then Mike Brown. I actually felt I was riding really well and had some great laps with Brown. After lap 4 I made a few mistakes and Timmy and Ricky both got by, but I was still happy with the way things were going. The course had already started to get really whooped out, and you just had to pick some good lines and make sure you were carrying your speed. I stopped for a splash halfway into it, and was back out just behind Timmy. The next lap was good again, but then I just started to make more mistakes and wasn’t riding well. The first hour I felt really good and didn’t feel like I was using a lot of energy, but the next hour was totally opposite and I didn’t seem to have any energy. I became a professional sit down racer! My legs just hit the wall and it seemed like I couldn’t do anything right. The next 40-minutes couldn’t go by fast enough for me! It was really frustrating since my fitness has always been one of my strong points (I’ll get to that later) and I wasn’t used to being in this position. I did what I could and just tried to not put myself on the ground and finish the best I could.
Overall Summary:
I do have to say I was really happy with the first hour of the race, especially since it was a sand race and I was running up front for a good portion of it. That let me know that my speed is there and really helped with my confidence for sandy races. On the bad side of things, my fitness isn’t where it should be right now due to being sick so long. The Dr’s really put a lot of restrictions on me for the last few weeks to get over everything I had and now that it’s gone I can finally get back to training. Coming into the season I was in great shape, and it’s just frustrating to have to start at the bottom again. I still know my speed is good and once we get past the next two WORCS rounds (more sand) I know that’s where we get into more technical races (which I like).
Pro Results (top 20):
1st Kurt Caselli
2nd Justin Soule
3rd Ricky Dietrich
4th Timmy Weigand
5th Bobby Garrison
6th Jonathan Davis
7th Gary Sutherlin
8th Robby Bell
9th Destry Abbott
10th Coltan Udall
11th Nathan Woods
12th Chris Johnson
13th Ryan Reina
14th Kody Bill
15th Zebulen Armstrong
16th Tyler Johnson
17th Zach Ahleen
18th Bobby Hesse
19th Eric Parmely
20th Brenden Ritzman
Other Notes:
After 2-rounds I’m sitting 5th in points which really isn’t that bad. This series is really stacked and the key is to be consistent.
Gary Sutherlin and I were training a lot together at the beginning of the season (riding and at the gym). I was really happy to see him put in a good ride and get himself back up front where he belongs.
I was looking at the results and 6 out of the top 9 bikes were all Kawasaki’s. That was pretty cool to see.
My next race is this Sunday for round three of the AMA H&H series. (It by El Centro, Ca.)
I attached some photos from Mike and Amber Farmer. You can check more out here . Thanks for the photos!
2010 Sponsors: Monster Energy Kawasaki, Thor, Dunlop, GPR stabilizers, Shoei, Akrapovic exhaust, Stephen Gall Training, SIDI, IMS, Zip-Ty,, Motion Pro, BRP, Braking, Works Connection, Concept2, CTI2, Maxima, Kicker, O’GIO, Traxxas, Renthal, Hinson, Jonre Multimedia,, Matrix, Scott, Cyto Sport, N-Style, UNI, Parkway Chiropractic, Tire-Balls, and ZLT.

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