Destry’s WA WORCS Report: WORCS Olympia, Wa.

August 1, 2010
Race Day:
I was a little on the nervous side, since I didn’t know what to expect with my body and I haven’t been able to ride much since coming back. The one thing that I felt good about was the dead engine start. That’s more up my alley! When they dropped the flag, my 450 fired and I was off to the first corner. I can’t remember the last time I got a hole-shot at a WORCS race! I lead the race until we entered the off road section, which I knew was going to be really hard to pass in the tight trees. This is the stuff I love, but I figured it would be better to let my teammate by (Ricky Dietrich) who was in second. I followed him for the first half and felt good with my speed, but I knew I wasn’t going to be able to keep this pace for 2 + hours. Caselli was right on me and he made a good pass. At this point it was time to just set a decent pace, and be happy with where I was at. On the third lap I was still in fourth, but had a group of riders right on me. First it was Brown that went by, followed by Woods and Soule. For the next 45-minutes I had a solid 7th going which was pretty good, and then I went down big while trying to get around a lapper! It took me a good minute to get going and once I did Udall, Rookstoll, and Sutherlin were all right there. The course was getting super rough and my body was definitely feeling it. We still had about 30-minutes to go and it was time to dig deep. I basically waved all three by, because I was making a lot of mistakes once I got going. I was just trying to play it smart and not try and put myself on the ground again. Just before the last lap, I was able to make a pass back on Kevin and get myself back into 9th. On the last lap my front end washed out, but I was able to get up pretty quick and still hold onto 9th at the finish.
Overall Summary:

The race started off really well and I put myself right where I would want to be, but I still have some work to do. At this point, I’m still basically trying to ride myself into shape. I feel pretty good about my speed, but once I start getting a little tired I make to many mistakes and it adds up. It’s just going to take a little time, but I know it will all work out.
Top 15 Pro Results:
1st Kurt Caselli
2nd Ricky Dietrich
3rd Mike Brown
4th Justin Soule
5th Nathan Woods
6th Brendan Ritzman
7th Coltan Udall
8th Gary Sutherlin
9th Destry Abbott
10th Kevin Rookstool
11th Chris Johnson
12th Coltan Haaker
13th Robby Bell
14th Bobby Garrison
15th Jonathan Davis
Other Notes:
I had a really big set back since my last EX race a couple weeks ago. My son and I were up in Flagstaff riding in the woods, after the EX race, and lighting struck the tree I was leaning against (luckily Coop wasn’t to close by). It pretty much knocked me out and I’ve been dealing with two big things that haven’t helped my comeback. It was honestly one of the top two scariest things I’ve ever had to deal with. It’s a long story on what happened, but the Doctors said everything will go back to normal with time. It’s been a wild year, but I’M NOT GIVING UP! 
Here’s a cool video the family and I did earlier in the year at Ocotillo Wells. It was a fun trip we did with a lot of the awesome people at Kawasaki. Great times!
Here’s the fastest 5-minute video from the race.
WORCS is doing a bike week here, so Gary Sutherlin, Jonny, and myself are staying here doing the MX race on Wednesdayand then Friday they have an Endurocross race. The last race of the week is on Sunday with another WORCS race.
The ISDE Team was just announced for this year and I’m really excited to be a part of it! Here’s the link:
We wouldn’t be able to camp out without the help of Gary and Linda Jones. They let us borrow their motor home and drive it up from Phoenix. The thing is awesome! Thanks guys! 
Best Wishes,

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