Destry’s Vegas Endurocross Final!


Las Vegas, Nevada

November 22, 2008


Heat 1:

I had a pretty good gate pick and have been working on my starts with the 09 KX250F. I had a pretty stacked heat, but still felt good about my shot getting into the main (they only take the top 2). When the gate fell I had a great jump, and thought I had it, but then someone from the inside of me went down and took me out. I got up in last, and started to pass a lot of people. Unfortunately I still finished 5th in my heat, so it was off to the semi.

Semi 1:
I had another great gate pick and this time I got through the first corner clean and in the lead! For some reason, I wasn’t riding to smooth for the first two laps and was just trying to do my best to keep it on two wheelsJ. I lost a couple spots to Jesse Robinson and Jamie Lanza. On my third lap, I finally got into my groove and was feeling a lot better. First I was able to get by Jamie in the big rock pile, but then I stalled it at the same time. I was still able to get it fired up again before the guys behind me could make the pass. The next lap, I heard the crowd go wild and saw that Jesse went down on one of the logs. I was able to get back in the lead, and this time I was able to put a nice gap on everyone to take a very happy win!

 Main Event:

I had the far outside gate pick, but was still happy to be starting on the front row. After the parade lap, it was time to get ready for the 8 lap main event. I was able to get another great jump and came out of the first corner in 4 th  . My other two teammates (Damon Huffman and Ricky Dietrich) were first and second. Going into the first rock pile, someone hit me from behind and I basically did everything I could to keep it on two wheels. Now I was stuck against the log and couldn’t get off the rocks. I believe everyone passed me, besides one guy. My great start didn’t pay off this time. Once again I started to ride to hard and just made things worse. I finally started to settle down and made some good passes. I moved up to 8th and had three guys right in front of me, until I stalled it in the rocks. It took me about 7-seconds to get it started, which seems like a lifetime when you’re racing. I lost one spot, but was able to get into a nice pace again. A lap later I was able to get back into 8th, but the other guys had a gap on me. With two laps to go, I could see Huffy wasn’t that far behind me.  I didn’t want to mess up and ruin his win, so I slowed down to give him some room. Just before the end of the lap, I stopped and let him by. I ended up finishing 8th in the main.

 Final thoughts:

The fun thing for me with these races is the fact there’s no pressure on me. I had a great time tonight and felt I rode really well at times.  Other times I was on the ground. I thought I could’ve done better in the main, but I’m still happy to finish 8th. The final here in Vegas is always stacked with a ton of talent and just making the main event was a huge deal for me. It was a great way to end to the year!

 Main event results:

1st Damon Huffman         Monster Kawasaki

2nd Ricky Dietrich              Monster Kawasaki

3rd Geoff Aaron

4th Taddy Blazusiak

5th Bobby Prochnau

6th Mika Ahola

7th Patrick Smage

8th Destry Abbott             Monster Kawasaki

9th Kyle Calderini

10th Kyle Redmond

11th Mike Brown

 Other Notes:
When I got home I found out I was awarded the AMA Sportsman of the year for 2008. That’s really a huge honor and I was really proud to get that. Ricky Dietrich was also awarded the AMA Racing Athlete of the year, which was pretty awesome!

 Here’s a cool video Beau did of the EX race and his main page It’s a must see video and has a great song! His new DVD is almost out too, so be sure to check it out.

 Here’s a link to Monster Kawasaki’s press release from Vegas!

 Huffy took the big win and the big check, but I know Ricky D. was the happiest out of everyone. He got his first EX championship! Ricky has been on the gas all year and tonight he rode amazing and deserved the #1 plate. I was pretty pumped to see all three of us make the main event! Now it looks like Ricky D. is going to be throwing a party at his place! J I’m ready for the rematch Rick!

 Bret from Shoei brought me the new 2009 helmet to the race and it’s awesome! When they get to the dealers you really need to check them out. I always tell everyone it’s worth every penny! Even if they weren’t a sponsor, I would rather be wearing the safest helmet out there.

 I spent a lot of time out at Grindingstone’s Endurocross track with Jonny Weisman, Gary Sutherlin, and Taylor Robert. It really helped all of us, since we were always pushing each other. The guys at Grindingstone worked really hard and built us a great course. Thanks!

 Speaking of Jonny, he raced in two classes early in the day and rode really well. Later in the night I kept him pretty busy getting the bike ready for each race. I think he’s looking forward to the off season and getting away from meJ jk! No, Jonny loves me!

 This was my last big race until the middle of January (first WORCS race) and it was nice to finish the year off well.
I want to thank all my 2008 sponsors for everything they did for me, you guys have always been behind me 100%! Thanks!

 I attached some photos from Brad Bentley! He had some great shots and sent me a ton of them!


Best Wishes,



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