Destry’s race report: Vet World Championship,Glen Helen, California

Moto 1:
I had the second to last gate pick, but luckily I still got a good start and was around 6th after the first corner. The first lap went well, then after that I just started to get really tight. The first few guys were going so fast and I was trying to do everything I could, but it backfired and just made me pump up. I lost a few spots, but at the halfway point (25 minutes plus one lap race) I started to feel a little better. I think I was in 7th and then got around Tony Amaradio. Then a few laps later I got by Ping. The race seemed like it took forever and then I finally got the white flag. I saw Greg Schenell ahead of me, but just couldn’t close the gap and ended up finishing 5th in the moto. Decker was 1st, followed by Lewis, Holland, and Schnell.
Moto 2:
This time I didn’t have the best start and was in 10th, but I made a few passes pretty early. I felt a lot better in this moto and was riding a lot smoother. Around the 10-minute mark, I was able to get around Amaradio as he slid out. A lap or two later Schenell went down and I moved up even more. At this point, I could see I was closing on a couple guys in front of me. First, I had a couple good laps racing with Ping and then finally got by. Now I was in fifth and had Holland right in front of me. We went back and forth once, and then I followed him for a few laps before I was able to get around for good. Decker was about 12-seconds ahead of me in 3rd, but we were just keeping the same pace. I started to close the gap a little, but before I knew it the white flag came out. I knew I didn’t have enough time to get Decker, unless he made a big mistake. I think the last couple laps he backed off, because we were close to being over. I ended up finishing 4th, and was pretty happy with my ride in this moto.
Overall Summary:
I wasn’t to happy after my first moto, but the second one was a lot better for me. I rode a lot looser and picked better lines in the second moto. My speed was pretty good, but I just couldn’t stay with the guys early in the race.
Top 15 (overall):
1. Kyle Lewis
2. Craig Decker
3. Rusty Holland
4. Destry Abbott
5. Ryan Hughes
6. David Pingree
7. Tony Amaradio
8. Ryan Rozinski
9. Pedro Gonzalez
10. Tim Zacharias
11. Greg Schnell
12. Paul Temmerman
13. Rod Marshall
14. Mike Hoffman
15. Chris Morgan
Other Notes:
This was my first MX race in over a year and I had a blast. I got to see a lot of people I don’t see to often and also talked to a lot of the riders I looked up to when I was younger (that was a long time ago) J . The atmosphere at the race was really cool and pretty laid back compared to other MX races I’ve been to.
I wasn’t sure if I was going to race this until a few days before the race. I’ve always heard great things about it and everyone I talked to said I need to try it.
Jonny and I left Phoenix late Friday night (so I could go trick-or-treating with the family) and didn’t get over there until late. I raced the 30+pro race on Saturday and won that, but most of the top guys didn’t race it.
This was my first race on my new 09 KXF. It was basically stock besides susp, PC system, GPR stabilizer, bars, and a few other goodies. I’m really pumped on the way the new bike runs and I know it’s going to be an awesome bike for the 2009 season.
Ryno was definitely the fastest guy at the race, but had some mechanical problems in the first moto (went 11-1). I know we’re all over 30 years old, but there’s a lot of guy out there that still can go really fast. I don’t think 30+ is what it used to be. I know I don’t feel that oldJ
My mechanic Jonny raced the 25+ novice race on Saturday and ended up finishing 3rd.
Best Wishes,
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