After a much needed weekend off last week, I was looking forward to getting back on my KX 250. After my last race in Utah (two weeks ago) I took a little time to heal up and give my body some rest. This last week I got back on the bike, and started to feel a lot better by the end of the week. I have to thank Ryan Clark and Ted Campbell for getting me back up to speed. We (Jonny and I) actually left early Friday morning so we could get to the afternoon pro practice. The practice went pretty well, but I think it might be on the fast and dusty side.

Today went pretty well. I felt really good with the way my 250 was working. It’s going to be a rough race with a lot of square edge bumps. I seem to do better when we get into these type of races, so I’m kind of looking forward to tomorrow.

Race Day:
After sleeping in, which was pretty nice, we had a good breakfast and then went out to the track. Jonny did some final prep work on the bike and we were set to go. On the start I had a pretty good spot on the gate, but I was surrounded by a lot of big 4-strokes. When the gate fell, I had a pretty good start and was around 10th at the first corner. Then the next corner I took the outside line, and made a few passes when Bobby Bonds went down. When I hit the next corner, I saw Russ Pearson trying to start his bike which put me in 7th. Towards the end of the first lap, I was able to get into 5th place when I got by Matt Karlsen and Mark Tilley. On the second lap I went down just after leaving the mx track, and Matt and Mike Kiedrowski got by me. I was able to get back by Matt the next lap, but Mike was riding really well. I was starting to feel really good and was picking up some good lines. I was able to catch up to Kurt Caselli and make a pass on him to get into a solid 4th place. The top three guys were Ty Davis, Nathan Woods, and Mike Kiedrowski. I had a good gap on fifth and made my first pit stop at the 45 minute mark. We had a great stop and I was able to get back out there without losing much time. I felt like I had a good pace going and didn’t want to push it to hard until the last half hour. It was around 94 degrees and I was just trying to ride smart. The next couple of laps went really well and I felt like I was picking it up and not losing any time to the leaders. Then around the 1:10 mark, I saw Mike Kiedrowski on the side of the trail. He had run out of gas which put me in third. I was feeling great and I started to think I was actually going to have a race go my way. I had a comfortable lead on 4th, and was looking forward to a 3rd place finish at the worst.

Then not to long after that, my rear wheel was all over the place and I realized I had a flat. This didn’t look good! I got it into the pit and was still in third, but I knew that wasn’t going to last long. By the time I got back on the track, I was in eighth and had to really start to push it to make up some time. I was able to get by Glenn Kearney and someone else to get into 6th. Now I was about 5 seconds back from David Pearson for 5th. Then I has some bad luck strike again. I had some rear axle problems, and had to limp it into the pits. I was passed by quite a few riders before I made it back to the pits. I was in the pits for a good five minutes before I got back out there. Both Ty and Nathan lapped me while I was in the pits.

I left the pits with about 25 minutes left in the race. I knew I was losing a lot of points to the leaders again, but I did everything I could to get by as many riders as I could. After the race I was a little upset that I had some bad luck again, but was really happy with my speed and endurance. I know my bad luck streak will end here soon, and I’ll be getting on that podium (hopefully the top box)

Results: (Pro)
1st Ty Davis
2nd Nathan Woods
3rd Lance Smail
4th Matt Karlsen
5th David Pearson
6th Glenn Kearney
10th Destry Abbott

Other Notes:
Kawasaki brought out one of their Winnebago motor homes to the race this weekend. Winnebago is one of our team sponsors, and I must say they have really nice motor homes. It makes mine look pretty old:)

On Saturday morning I did a photo shoot with Ron Lawson (Dirt Bike editor) for an upcoming H&H story. Dirt Bike has really been doing a great job on covering off road racing. Be sure to check it out.

Matt Leblanc (from Friends and Joey) showed up to the race in his Ferrari. It was pretty cool to see him at the races. I know he’s a big motorcycle rider and friends with the Suzuki boys.

Shawn Redish, from WORCS racing, had a crash during the pro race on his quad. I’m not sure how he’s doing, but I wish him a fast recovery.

Mark Tilley had a hard crash when him and Mike Kiedrowski colided. Lets hope he’s ok!

It was good to see Glenn Kearney, from the GNCC series, show up and give the WORCS series a try. It probably wasn’t the best race for him to try though.

It was also really good to see my hero Rodney Smith show up and do a little riding. He’s just coming back from a big injury, and he showed up to get a little practice in.

I have this weekend off, and then I’ll be over at Glen Helen the next weekend for the Loretta Lynn qualifier.

I attached a photo from the WORCS race this weekend. Thanks to Kevin at for the photo.

Best Wishes,
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