Destry’s ISDE Fundraiser t-shirt

As many of you know, I made the ‘Dream Team’ that will represent Team USA in this year’s ISDE! (Trophy Team Members: Kurt Caselli, Ricky Dietrich, Nathan Woods, Jimmy Jarrett, Nathan Kanney, and myself) I’m really excited about our team and am looking forward to this challenging opportunity. What many of you don’t know is that the Trophy Team riders are financially responsible for our own expenses. As you can imagine, once we add a mechanic, family, etc. this trip starts to get a little pricey. To offset some of the cost, I’ve been working on a new t-shirt to help raise money for the ISDE in Greece (photo attached). It’s done and I wanted to let everyone check it out. I’m also going to be doing a fundraiser here, before we leave in August, and I might have to hit some of you up for some raffle goodies:)
I want to give a big thanks to Austin White from Bent Clothing and Bobby White from Arizona Cycle Park! They really helped me out with the t-shirts by designing and donating the first batch.
I also wanted to thank Kawasaki for all their hard work preparing our bikes, parts, etc. to ship. It’s a very time consuming and expensive event and they were indispensible in helping our Kawasaki riders prepare for this trip. My mechanic Jonny also worked very hard building my KLX450. Great Job!
F.Y.I. I’ll be selling the t-shirts on my site and I have a range of sizes from kids to adults.

Best Wishes,

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