Destry’s H&H Race report

AMA H&H Jericho, Utah

Race Day:
I felt like I had a good line on the bomb and knew the start was going to be really important. It was really dusty, and since we couldn’t ride the start I spent a lot of time walking it and preparing myself. When the banner fell my bike started on the first kick, but Kendall Norman started by me and was going for the same line. We were side by side and had a little bumping going on, then finally he shut off and I was good. Not far after that, David Pearson’s line came into mine and he was just ahead of me. We had three sets of banners we had to go through and David was first, but I was able to sneak underneath him to take the lead. We dropped down into a wash and I thought I had it.
Unfortunately David had a line to the right of me, above the wash, and made the pass. I got dusted out and had to back
off. I stayed just outside of his dust and felt good, but I knew I  wasn’t going to be able to get by on the first loop
(48-miles) since it had so many fast sections. I would look back, every now and then, and see David Kamo just outside my
dust. On the first loop they had this really cool ravine, we raced through, for about 10-miles. I could tell I was closing in, and was hoping to make the pass at the alternate pit where the KTM guys had to stop and I didn’t. Then the bike stalled and I wasn’t sure why. I started to kick, but nothing happened and I thought something was wrong. After about 10 or 15 kicks, David Kamo went by me. Then a few more kicks and it fired upJ. Now the only problem was I had to eat both of these guys dust. I followed them until the main pit and left just behind Kamo.
This loop was around 52-miles and had some fun stuff. The big problem was that it was up in the trees, and the dust would just sit there. I would get within a few seconds of Kamo, but couldn’t make a pass. I could see he was right on Pearson and having the same problem. This had to be the dustiest race I’ve had in a long time. I had quite a few close calls and a lot ofencounters with trees (couldn’t see them until the last second). With about 10-miles to go, I was still racing in the dust and saw both David’s had missed a corner. Kamogot by Pearson, and I was right behind in third. For the next two miles it was a little sketchy and I was doing everything I could to get by Pearson. Finally, I jumped off the big ditch and made it to the corner before Pearson. Now I was in second, and actually had clean air for the first time in about 60-miles. Kamo was able to put a little gap on us while Pearson and I were battling. There was only 10-miles left and I really pushed it and got back in Kamo’s dust. At this point, I knew I really didn’t have much of a chance at making a pass since we were on a lot jeep roads. I wanted to stay close enough and hoped he would make a mistake. He didn’t and put in a great ride to take the win. I finished about 15-seconds back for second.

Overall Summary:
I was actually really happy with my speed today and really felt good. The dust was a huge factor and it was some of the worst dust I’ve raced in for quite a few years. This is one of my favorite places to race, but when it’s dry it’s pretty bad. The title chase is really close and with three rounds left it looks like it’s going to come down to
the wire!

1st David Kamo
2nd Destry Abbott
3rd David Pearson
4th Russ Pearson
5th TJ Hannifin
6th Jake Argubright
7th Jordan Brandt
8th Kendall Norman
9th Ryan Kudla
10th Shawn Strong

Other Notes:
I thought the club did a great job with the race, and I really enjoyed the second loop. The race was right at 100 miles and it took us close to 3-hours to finish. I really enjoy the longer, tougher races.

Jonny and I did a little play riding the day before, and had a really good time. He’s really been putting in a lot of hard work to make sure everything is ready for each race.

The Argubright’s were a huge help to us this weekend. They really have stepped up their program and it’s showing. Jacob is really picking his speed up and is getting used to his KX450.

The next H&H isn’t until the end of September and I also have some time off before the next WORCS race (middle of June). 

I attached a few photos from Brad Bentley. Thanks again for your help and hooking me up with the photos.

Best Wishes,
2009 Sponsors: Monster Energy Kawasaki Racing, Thor, Dunlop, GPR stablilzers, Shoei, Pro Circuit, Stephen Gall Training, SIDI, IMS, Zip-Ty,, Motion Pro, BRP,  Braking, Works Connection, Concept2, CTI2, Maxima, Kicker,  O’GIO, Steahly, RK/Excel, Renthal, Bent, Hinson, Jonre  Multimedia, Scott, Cyto Sport, N-Style, UNI, Parkway Chiropractic, Tire-Balls, and ZLT.

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