Elsinore G.P. (Nov. 9th and 10th)

The Elsinore race is always a great race to attend, whether you’re a racer or a spectator. It’s a fun event where the MX’s and off-road racers get to go against each other and see who comes out on top. Goat Brecker, who puts on the race, always does a great job. The GP consists of about 7 races a day and is broken up into multiple classes, so everyone can ride and have a great time. As you can tell, I’ve been looking forward to this race all year. Hopefully, Team Green and myself will have a great weekend!


Unclassified Race:
I had two races today. My first race of the day was the unclassified race. I knew it was going to be really wet, because it’s been raining here in southern California since Thursday. The race started at 7:00 in the morning. I was on the front row with a couple of other fast guys, followed by about another 100 riders behind us. I was able to get the whole shot and lead the first few laps. Scott Myers was right behind me the whole way and wasn’t going to give me any room. On the 3rd or 4th lap, he was able to get by me and was going pretty fast. I stayed right behind him for about another mile until he got a rear flat. I felt bad for him, but I figured this would be a lot easier for me. I backed it down and was just riding a good pace, since I couldn’t see anyone behind me. By this time, I was soaking wet from all the puddles of water. About a lap or two later, I heard someone on a four stroke behind me. It totally took me by surprise! The rider went by me in the next corner, and I was like who the heck is this guy! So now I had to make sure ‘this guy’ wasn’t going to beat me. He had to stop to clean his goggles, not to far after he passed me, so when he stopped I was looking at the back of his chest protector to see who he was. The name said Hughes, I was thinking I didn’t even know Ryan was racing in this race. Now all I could think was how cool it would be to beat Ryno in a race:) I was back on the gas as hard as I could to make sure he wouldn’t catch me again. I ended up winning the race, but I do have to say Ryan also got a flat tire. Second place went to Dave Ondas on his KX 500.

250 Race:
The next race I did was the 250 race that started at 12:00 p.m. I was starting on the front row again, and knew this would also be another tough race to win. I didn’t get the best of starts and was in 6th or 7th at the first turn. It was raining on us and the pavement sections were really slick. By the end of the first lap, I was running in third position. Ryan Dudek was leading followed by Scott Myers in second. On the next lap, I was able to get around Scott and was now trying to catch Ryan. We stayed pretty close for the next few laps, and then I went down on the pavement right in front of the Kawasaki semi:( When I was picking up my bike, all I could think about was how the guys would be giving me a hard time about going down in front of them. After that, I was never able to catch back up to Ryan. He ended up winning the race, while I finished second. Now I’m sitting in the motor home getting ready for tomorrow’s race. It should be fun with all the fast guys we have here.


Unclassified Race:
Today I was racing two races. The first one for the morning was the unclassified race and then the Pro race at 1:00 p.m. The unclassified race went really well for me. I had second place start and then took the lead early. I held on to the lead for the rest of the race and finished with another win for the weekend. After the race, I had some time to rest and make sure everything was ready for the Pro race.

Harvey Mushman 100:
This is a race I’ve always wanted to win and add my name to the list of legends that have won the Elsinore G.P. in the past. I wasn’t sure if I was going be able to pull off the win though, with all the fast guys that were here. I’m not a negative person, but I knew the big four-strokes would have an advantage with all the fast roads and slick trails. I was on the front row, with another 100 plus racers behind us. I was able to get a decent start and was around 6th place. I was doing ok, until I tried to go through the water hole and soaked both my gloves and myself. This made it really hard to hold on to the handlebars, so when I went by the pits I told them over my radio that I needed another pair of gloves. On the third lap, I stopped and changed my gloves. By the time I got going again, I was easily out of the top ten and wasn’t too sure if I was going to be able to get back up front. I charged pretty hard for a while and made it back up to 6th place. Shane Esposito was just pulling out of the pits, as I went by, and he passed me back not to far after that. Shane was going really fast and helped me catch the guys in front of us. A few laps later he got a flat and I was able to get around him. Now I was in fourth place. Bobby Bonds had a huge lead at this point, followed by Shane Watts in second and Scott Sheak in third. I was able to get around Scott a few laps later and now was in the top three, with Shane not that far in front of me. Bobby had a big lead on us, so my goal was to at least pass Shane for second. But then Bobby’s bike blew up and I was now right in the hunt to win this thing. I finally passed Shane, with 5 laps to go but still had to stop to pit for the third time. Shane was able to get by me when I was pitting, but I was able to pass him back on the next lap to take the WIN by about 30 seconds. Scott Sheak was able to finish third with his bad ankle and all. This was my first big win since my comeback after my injury and surgeries. Hopefully it’s not my last!:) Besides my rocky start in the beginning of the race, everything went my way and I really never had any problems. I want to thank all the people and sponsors who stuck with me through this tough year, and I’m hoping to make up for it next year.

Top Three: (Harvey Mushman 100)
1st Destry Abbott (Kawasaki)
2nd Shane Watts   (KTM)
3rd Scott Sheak   (Honda)
4th Brent Harden (KTM)
5th Ryan Hughes   (KTM)

Other Notes:
A lot of the top off-road riders weren’t able to make it to the race this weekend. Instead they were attending the final WORCS race of the season up in Northern California.

Kawasaki riders Brian Brown and David Pearson didn’t race, due to prior injuries.

The next race for me will be the final Best in the Desert race, where I hope Shane and I can win the title.

There were a lot of MX riders that showed up for the Pro race. Ryan Hughes had a flat, but still was in the top 5. Rick Johnson also finished in the top ten. Bobby Bonds probably would have won if not for the bike seizure and a lot more other fast MX’ers.

Shane Esposito was able to get back up to 3rd place after fixing his flat, but then lost his brakes.

This year was by far the roughest it’s ever been before. Which actually helped me, since the guys on the four-strokes seemed to get a little more tired then I did:)

Best Wishes,
Destry Abbott


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