Destry’s crash pictures (and short story)

Destry’s crash pictures (and short story)

My WORCS race started off pretty well, in Victorville, this past weekend. I was 6th off the start then after the first lap, I was able to get by some guys and get up to 2nd behind Ryan Hughes. On lap two, I stared to make some bad mistakes as you can see below . A little after the hour mark I took a high-speed digger in the back and it took me over 7 minutes to get going again. I actually got lapped before I even got it started! I was a long ways outside the top 20, but got going again and finished a very disappointing 15th. This was a race I definitely thought I should’ve been on the podium, but that’s the way racing goes sometimes. Sorry for the short race story! I actually did my race story on my laptop, but for some reason I can’t get it to work. I wasn’t really in the mood to rewrite the whole thing again. The photos were taken by Kevin Healy. For more pictures you can check out

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