Destry’s AMA H&H Race story

AMA H&H Round 4 Lucerne, California

Race Day:
The banner dropped just after 9:30 and I had a pretty good jump. Unfortunately Kendall Norman, who started right next to me, beat me to my line so I had to get out of his dust and find something else. I was pretty confident with my line, and hadn’t practiced any other ones so it was a little on the sketchy side pinning it up the bomb. I was still able to get there in 3rd and was actually surprised with that! Russ was leading with Kendall in 2nd. The first loop was around 47-miles and most of it was pretty fast. I was struggling for a little bit, and the two guys in front of me started to pull away. At the 26-mile marker, we had an alternate pit that some of us had to stop for gas at. I had a quick splash and was back off. As soon as I left there, I started to feel better and picked up the pace. I think I was a little over a minute back from Russ at this point. When I finished the first loop, (48-miles) I was looking forward to the second one since I was told it was a lot tighter. I felt really good and was riding pretty aggressive, but it was hard at times since there were quite a few off camber rocky sections (which I liked).
I went down somewhere around 10-miles into this loop, but was able to get up pretty quick. I was still charging and could see I was slowly closing in on Russ and Kendall. With about 8-miles to go, I was close enough to finally get in Kendall’s dust. Then, at about the 6-mile marker, I was going up a hill and saw both Kendall and Russ coming back down. Right away I figured they had missed the course and I flipped a U-turn. As soon as I did I saw the course to the left of me, and jumped on it. Russ was able to beat me to the trail, but I was able to get in front of Kendall. Going down the hill I made the pass on Russ, and then tried to push it since we weren’t that far from the end. After a little bit I looked back and saw Kendall got around Russ and was now in 2nd. With about 2-miles to go I had built up a little gap, and was just trying to ride smart until I lost the course and was like no way! I turned around and started to go up a hill thinking the course went that way, and Kendall was doing the same thing. I think Russ saw the course below us and pinned it! I looked back and then started to pin it down the hill hoping to get back by Kendall. When I got to the bottom I was in his dust, and clipped a rock and went flying over the bars. I was pretty sore and slowly got on the bike (I knew we had a pretty big lead) and made my way to the finish for 3rd.
Overall Summary:
I was pretty bummed about my first loop (fast section), but felt a lot better on the technical stuff. My fitness was really good and I actually wish the race was a little longer. I can’t complain about the bike at all, and Jonny has been doing a great job with everything. I just need to make sure I start faster and don’t give up so much time. I still feel really good! Now I just need to keep plugging away, and do everything I can and see how it turns out!

1st Russ Pearson
2nd Kendall Norman
3rd Destry Abbott
4th David Kamo
5th David Pearson
6th Morgan Crawford
7th Jordan Brandt
8th Nick Burson
9th Ryan Kudla
10th Justin Imhoff

Other Notes:
I’d like to thanks the Argubright’s for helping me out with the alternate pit and letting us use their truck. Steve Argubright just bought a really nice rig where they’ll have Kawasaki support at all the H&H’s and Endurocross’s this year (and other selective events).

I have this weekend off and I’m looking forward to hanging out at home and watching the Vegas SX. Then the following weekend, I have a WORCS race up in Honey Lake, Ca.

Best Wishes,
2009 Sponsors: Monster Kawasaki Racing, Thor, Dunlop, GPR stablilzers, Shoei, Pro Circuit, Stephen Gall Training, SIDI, IMS, Zip-Ty,, Motion Pro, BRP, Braking, Works Connection, Concept2, CTI2, Maxima, Kicker, O’GIO, Steahly, RK/Excel, Renthal, Bent, Hinson, Jonre Multimedia, Scott, Cyto Sport, N-Style, UNI, Parkway Chiropractic, Tire-Balls, and ZLT.

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