Destry’s AMA H&H race story (Utah)


Jericho, Utah

April 5, 2008


Race Day:

This is one of my favorite races of the year, and I felt pretty good about it. Yesterday was one of the scariest days for me (see other notes), but everything worked out and I still thought I had a good shot today. My start was pretty good, and I was in 3rd behind David and his cousin Russ. Josh was right behind me, and made a pass on me right away. We were in the sand dunes, and I just wasn’t real confident pinning it over the drop-offs. About a mile out, I saw that Josh was in the lead and going super fast. Then I was able to make a pass on David, and close the gap a little on Josh and Russ. A few miles in, we started to get out of the dunes and into some trees. I had to back off a little, because of the dust. Right when I did that, David put a good pass on me which put me back into 4th. Not much further into the race, my bike started to run horrible and kept trying to die on me. Whenever I would let off the throttle, it would backfire and want to quit. I slowed down and checked to make sure my choke wasn’t on or the hot-start wasn’t stuck open. They were both fine, and I started to get really nervous the bike wasn’t going to make it. It wasn’t bad when I was on the gas, but I just had to make sure I didn’t let off the gas all the way or it would die. I then started to think the pilot jet fell out, and was worried I might not make it on fuel (to the pit). Anyway there really wasn’t much I could do, but keep riding it hard and see what happened. Around the 15-mile mark, I saw Josh had over shot a corner and was kicking his bike (trying to start it). Now I was back in third, and actually felt I was riding pretty well. I still constantly had to keep the throttle on, when I was slowing down, and coming into corners. I stalled it quite a few times, but was always able to bump start it when I was rolling. As you can imagine I was pretty excited to finish the first loop, and know the bike was going to make it on gas. The first loop was really good, and it had a lot of good terrain. When I was going down pit row, I could see Russ just pulling out of his pit. When I pitted, I had to make sure Jonny held the throttle on so it wouldn’t die. Everything worked out, and while they were giving me gas, I was checking out the carb to see if I could see something wrong (no such luck). I took off, and was back on it, hoping I could catch Russ and David. This loop I really rode hard, and wanted to make sure I could get all the points I could. I thought the first loop was awesome, but the second loop was even better. We got up in the snow and the dirt was just about perfect. I was having a blast, but the bike was still running the same as before. With about 10-miles left, I saw Russ was around 30-seconds in front of me and I knew I had to give it everything I had. I was pushing it really hard, and then we got into this wash where I lost my front end and went down. I tried not to let go of the bars, when I went down, so I could keep it running (like a jet-ski). It didn’t quite work out, but it still started after kicking it for a little bit. Once again I charged hard, but came up short at the finish (around 30 seconds from Russ). Then Josh wasn’t that far behind me. I’m not sure how far David was in front of Russ.



Overall Summary:

Well this was a pretty wild weekend for me, but I’m still leaving with the points lead and that’s the most important thing to me. I actually felt I rode really well, and this was the best I felt on my bike in quite a while. It would’ve been nice to have everything go my way, but that’s part of racing. We’re halfway into the series, and I feel I’ll do even better the next half!


Results: (top 10 overall)

1st David Pearson

2nd Russell Pearson

3rd Destry Abbott

4th Josh Morros

5th David Kamo

6th TJ Hannefen

7th Reese Honea

8th Ryan Kudla

9th Quinn Cody

10th Ryan Abbatoye


Other Notes:

As I was saying, in the race story, on Friday I had one of the scariest moments on my bike. I spent the afternoon breaking in my bike, and decided to go out for one more ride. I hooked up with Quinn Cody, and was leading going through some trees. I was pinning it in third or fourth gear. As I was going around a tree, I suddenly saw David Kamo coming the other way. He was going just as fast and we collided! It was so quick, I barely had time to try and dodge him. We hit so hard that I went over the bars, flipping through the air, and I’m not sure what he did. When I hit the ground, I was sure I had broken some bones. I lay there, moaning like a little girl, and asked David if he was ok. Actually it wasn’t that bad, but I was hurting and had a lot of marks to prove it. It knocked the wind out of David, but he was fine besides being a little sore. The impact pretty much destroyed both our bikes, and luckily we didn’t explode into each other. His front wheel missed my left foot by about an inch, and broke my radiator, left side cover, and bent in my skid plate (which was pretty amazing). His bike blew the front hub, and he had to replace his triple clamps. I’ve never seen a wheel explode like that. All I can say is that we were both so lucky to walk away from that accident. I’ve had some close calls before, but I can’t really explain to you how bad this was. It was really scary, and I know I’ll never forget that moment! Someone was looking out for us both.


My next race is this weekend, up in Washington, for a WORCS race. I really enjoy racing up in the Northwest.


The club (Sage Riders) did such an awesome job; as they always do. It was on the dusty side down below, but up in the trees was the best riding I’ve done in a long time. They had a lot of tight trails, and tried to keep us out of the fast whoops. Great job guys!


Best Wishes,


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