Destry’r race report WORCS (Lake Havasu, Az.)

 Lake Havasu, Az.
 March 22, 2009

 Race Day:
 The race started at 1:00 and it was a dead engine start, because they don’t have a starting gate here. I was actually pretty confident on my starts and thought I had a great shot at getting the hole-shot. They did the 30-second board, but I wasn’t 100% sure how much time we had left after the board went sideways. To my surprise the flag waved, and I was still getting my kick starter set. I kicked, but nothing happened! On my second kick it started, and I actually wasn’t that bad off. I believe I was around 12th after the first MX section. Bonds got by me on the first lap and put me back to 13th. I stayed here for a couple more laps, and then had Jimmy Albertson pass me. I was extremely tight and was doing everything I could think of to ride loose.

My pace was definitely not what I was hoping for, but it seemed like every time I would pick it up I would make more mistakes. I think it was the 5th lap where I went down in a whooped out sand corner, and almost took out Robby Bell who was right behind me. The bike was a little bent up, and it took me a little bit before I got going again. Unfortunately, I lost about 8-spots! Not too much later I made my first pit stop, and was in around 23rd place. At this point I actually started to feel better on the bike, and finally started to pick up my pace. I slowly kept picking riders off and made it up to 14th. With about 20-minutes to go, I saw Jeff Alessi not too much further ahead. I was able to get by him on the next lap and was feeling a lot better than some of the guys I was passing. This place gets so rough and beat up; if you don’t pace yourself it will bite you towards the end. I had to make one more pit stop and that gave Jeff time to catch back up. With two laps to go, he got back by and I just didn’t have much for him. I closed in on Ryan Orr, but came up 12-seconds short at the finish and not much more than that to Jeff. 
 Overall Summary:
 Since Havasu is probably my least favorite WORCS race of the year (not a big fan on the short sand course), I did ok. The first hour just killed me and I had some of the worst arm-pump I can remember. After it finally went away, I picked up the pace and felt a lot better. My goal was to be in the top 10 at this event, and I have no doubt I would’ve done that if it wasn’t for being so tight. Now we start to go to some better WORCS rounds and I plan on being closer to the front! The bike is working awesome and now it’s just up to me to get it done!
 Results (top 20 pro’s):
 1st Ricky Dietrich
 2nd Taylor Robert
 3rd Mike Brown
 4th Tim Weigand
 5th Gavin Gracyk
 6th Justin Soule
 7th Damon Huffman
 8th Bobby Garrison
 9th Robby Bell
 10th Bobby Bonds
 11th Kevin Rookstool
 12th Jeff Alessi
 13th Ryan Orr
 14th Destry Abbott
 15th Brian Garrahan
 16th Kyle Summers
 17th Jared Minor
 18th Ryan Reina
 19th Dennis Stapleton
 20th Nick Burson
 Other Notes:
 Here’s the fastest 5-minute video from the race.
 Before the race, the WORCS crew added a pro section where you could jump over a pond or go around. It was definitely slower to go around, but a lot safer. It was a little scary jumping the pond since there wasn’t much of a landing. I know a few guys went down pretty hard, and just before the middle of the race they took it out and wouldn’t let us jump it. I wasn’t too disappointed, but I know the spectators loved it.
 The points race really tightened up. Brown still has the lead, but Ricky closed it up to 6-points. Rick has two wins and a DNF. Woods, who was right there in points, had a big crash and had to call it a day (not sure how he’s doing). Bond’s has been dealing with an injury and was able to salvage a 10th to keep his hopes alive. It’s going to be another great year of racing!
 Taylor Robert really put in a great ride and kept Dietrich from checking out for most of the race. I heard those two had a good lead going and put on a great show. It was awesome to see Kawasaki get the top two spots. Kawasaki also got the top two spots in the Pro2 class. Corey Floyd rode really well (finished 11th overall) and won the Pro2 class with Ryan Abbatoye in 2nd.
 I have the next three weeks off, but the wife and I are going back to Tennessee next week for Craig Morgan’s benefit ride and concert. If you’re a big music fan, it’s going to be a blast. We’re riding during the day (Kevin Windham, Andrew Short, Barry Hawk, Fred Andrew’s, and myself) with anyone that wants to show up. Later that night there’s going to be a big concert (Craig Morgan, Bucky Covington, Blake Shelton, James Otto, and more) for everyone that shows up. Here’s a link to the benefit ride and more details
 I attached some photos from Mike and Amber Farmer from the race. Thanks for the help!
 Best Wishes,
 2009 Sponsors: Monster Energy Kawasaki Racing, Thor, Dunlop, GPR stabilizers, Shoei, Pro Circuit, Stephen Gall Training, SIDI, IMS, Zip-Ty,, Motion Pro, BRP, Braking, Works Connection, Concept2, CTI2, Maxima, Kicker, O’GIO, Steahly, RK/Excel, Renthal, Bent, Hinson, Jonre Multimedia, Steahly, Scott, Cyto Sport, N-Style, UNI, Parkway Chiropractic, Acerbis, Tire-Balls, and ZLT.


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