AMA H&H: Lucerne, Ca.
Oct. 24, 2004

This weekends race is by far the biggest of the year. I actually feel really good going into this race, and I?m looking forward to it. Jonathan and I drove over early Friday and showed up in time to do a little riding before it got dark. Jonathan and I hooked up with a couple of other friends (John Braasch and his friend). We were heading off on a nice loop until Braasch got a rear flat. After we went back and changed it, we went out on a really good trail ride. Just after dark, my dad and Cooper (my son) showed up with my motor home. Charlotte and Kelsey, my wife and daughter, were supposed to come but Kelsey is in the playoffs for her volleyball team.

After a great night of sleep, I took Cooper outside the pit area and let him ride for a while. He?s doing really good, but I?m not in any hurry to get him out there racing. Later in the day, I went and started riding the bomb run. I feel like I have a good spot and should be fine as long as I get a good start. As much rain as they?ve been getting, I?m pretty surprised it?s already getting a little dusty. The KX500 feels great and I?m really looking forward to tomorrow. Now I?m relaxing in the motor home and watching a little TV.

Race Day:
After another great night of sleep, I got up early and went to practice the bomb run. It was pretty cold and brought the moisture to the top of the dirt. Just after 9:30, they put the banner up and I was ready to go. When the banner fell, I had a good start and kept it pinned all the way to the banner (1 ? miles). I was the first one there with Russ a couple of bike lengths behind me. We jumped in a sand wash and Russ got by me with a better line. Not to much further, I was able to pass him back when he went wide on one of the turns. But he passed me back pretty quick. At this point, I was happy to follow and relax. I followed Russ the whole first loop and came into the first gas stop about 15 seconds back. This was around the 40 mile marker. David Pearson was about 30 seconds behind me. Then I believe it was Mike Childress, followed by Paul Krause. The second loop was going to be fun. The guys said this loop was going to be tight and rocky, and they were right. For the first 15 miles I wasn?t making any time up on Russ, but we were able to start to put a gap on everyone else. I figured I would be happy with second and I knew this was good enough for the championship. Then about halfway through the loop I started to close the gap a little and I was within 10 seconds of Russ. Now I started to think it would be great to win this race too. I figured we were starting to get close to the finish and I pushed it a little more until I lost my front end on a downhill. I got up pretty quick, but my front lever was bent a little. Not even ? of a mile later, I pulled my front brake in a little to much and went down again. This time when I was picking up my bike, I was a little mad at myself. Once I got going again I decided to play it safe and be happy with second today, but the finish seemed like it was still a long ways to go. I just kept it on two wheels and never took any chances the rest of the way. Russ put in a great ride for the win, while I finished second, but more importantly I won the 2004 H&H Championship! I was super happy to see the Kawasaki guys cheering and holding up a #1 plate with my name on it. This is my third overall H&H championship, but I think this one felt the best! I?m looking forward to running the #1 plate again.

1st Russell Pearson
2nd Destry Abbott
3rd David Pearson
4th Mike Childress

Other Notes:
This is my 6th major championship in a row (3 overall Pro Best in the Desert 1999, 2002, and 2003 then 3 overall H&H 2000, 2001, and 2004). I was a little nervous my streak was going to end, with some of my bad luck in the H&H?s this year and not racing the BITD series. Hopefully I can add a WORCS championship to the list next year.

There are so many people I want to thank this year (to many to list but here are some). My family that are always there for me, Jonathan Weisman, a huge thanks to everyone at Kawasaki that put in a lot of work, all my sponsors and especially the ones that came out to the race to support me. I also had a lot of friends that came out to do whatever I needed. I?ve been getting a lot of e-mails and thanks to everyone that knew I could do it.

Kawasaki had some really cool championship shirts made up for me at the finish. Then after the race, they had a barbeque for any of the riders that wanted to hang around. It was really cool to see them go to all the trouble.

I should also give a big thanks to the 100?s for putting on a great national H&H. I could tell they put in a lot of hard work with some of the new virgin trail, and great markings. Thanks & I?m looking forward to next year!

I ended up with the #1 plate, while second went to Russ, third David, and fourth to Brian Brown.

Brian Brown who is a regular in the H&H series (running 4th O.A.) wasn?t able to show up.

Ty Davis was also a no show. I heard he went and did a beach race up in Northern California.

David Pearson put in a great ride for third overall, and he rode the last 20 miles without a seat.

Best Wishes,


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