May 1, 2005
Mesquite, Nv.

Since this race isn’t one of my contracted races, I told Jonny he didn’t have to go. I know he was looking forward to a weekend off so I took my dad and Cooper (my son) to the race. We left on Saturday, around noon, for the 6 hour drive. Then we went out to the track to see if I would be able to sign-up tonight instead of early in the morning. I’ve actually really been looking forward to racing a mx race. I’ve been practicing mx more then anything with Ryan Clark and Ted Cambell, but never seem to get the chance to go race mx. Tomorrow I’ll be racing three different races and it should be fun with no pressure for once. I’m signed up for the 250/Open Pro Sport, 25+A, and the 30+A. I know I should get some good practice in with six motos. This is also the same place we had a WORCS race earlier in the year, and it’s also where the last WORCS race of the year will be held. Time to go play some games with Coop at the arcade!

Race Day:
We drove out to the track a little after 6:00am, and started to unload everything out of my new F-150. I left the box van at home, because of the high gas prices. I went back up to sign-up to see what time my motos were going to be. Once I was up there, I realized there was another class I could ride. They have an Big Bike Open class for whoever wants to ride an extra class, so I figured it would be more track time. Each one of my races was only 5 laps, and that didn’t seem like much at the time!

Race 1
125 A – Pro Sport / 125 B Mod / 30+ (Moto 1)
I was racing the 30 plus class and started on the second gate with the 125 B mod (actually it looked like a 250F class). The 125 guys took off and then it was our turn. I actually didn’t have that many guys in my class, but there were a lot of B riders. I didn’t want any of them beating me. When we took off I spun on the concrete, but still was third after the first corner. I was surprised at how fast these so called B riders were. I was able to get by them and started to pull away. Then I started catching the A riders and passed a couple before the finish. I took the win in my class

(Moto 2)
I really didn’t know how to do this part in my story so I’ll just give you the second moto of this race. This time I got a better start, but there was still one 250F guy that beat me to the first turn. I believe I was able to get by him on the first lap and tried my best to catch as many Pro Sport guys that started in front of me. I took the moto 2 win.
Moto 1 1st
Moto 2 1st

Race 2
250/Open A – Pro Sport (Moto 1)
I knew this class was going to be the toughest race of the day. When I looked down the line, I could see I was the only two stroke. When we all took off I had a good jump but was dead last at the first corner, so I did the slow down move and tried to go under everyone at the first corner. To my surprise it actually worked and I came out in 2nd. Devine Sullivan was leading and I was trying to do everything I could to not let him get away. I thought I rode a good race and was able to take 2nd. I finished a couple seconds back with Carlos Gonzalez not to far behind me.

(Moto 2)
This time on the start I figured I’d do the same thing as I did in the first moto. Unfortunately it didn’t work, because someone else was thinking the same thing. I was a little more aggressive in the first couple of corners and got up to third. Devine was leading again and I just stayed behind him until the second lap where he lost his front end and went down. Now I was leading with Carlos not for behind me. Devine was able to get up really quick and started to make a charge on us until he slid out again. This time I took the win and the overall. I rode well, but I’m not sure I would’ve won that if Devine didn’t go down.

Moto 1 2nd
Moto 2 1st
1st Destry Abbott
2nd Carlos Gonzalez
3rd Devine Sullivan
4th Zach Humphries

Race 3
Big Bike Open (Moto 1)
When I showed up to the line there weren’t any pro’s there. I was already getting tired from these five lap sprints and was thinking this might be a little to much today. This time the gate dropped and I got my first hole shot of the day. I rode a pretty good pace for the five laps and was able to build up a nice lead at the finish.

(Moto 2)
This moto went basically like the first moto. That’s my quick summary.
Moto 1 1st
Moto 2 1st

Race 4
All 4-strokes / 25+ (Moto 1)
I started on the second gate with the fast 4-stroke riders on the first one. I think there were only a couple of guys in the 25+ class. I was able to get another hole shot and started catching quite a few guys in the first wave. I built up a nice lead in my class and actually passed most of the guys in the first row by the time I reached the finish.

(Moto 2)
I’ll make it short again. Basically the same thing happened in this moto as it did in the first one.
Moto 1 1st
Moto 2 1st

Other Notes:
This was actually a good weekend for me. I raced in 8 motos and won 7 of them. I took the overall in all 4 classes I entered. Now in June I’ll be at Glen Helen trying to qualify for Loretta Lynn’s.

I’ve been doing a lot of mx, but it’s been 30 to 40 minute motos. It was a good change to go out and do some 5 lap sprints in race conditions. I’m not sure which one wears me out more.

This is the first time I’ve been to a real mx race in awhile. I was surprised at how fast these mini kids are getting. Earlier in the day (practice) I was a little nervous doing some big jump, until I saw a mini kid do it. The next practice out I jumped it.LOL!

My next race is this weekend, for the H&H race in Utah. I really feel like I’m riding well, so it should be fun.

After the H&H race in Utah, we’ll be driving back through Vegas to watch the sx race.

I was thinking it would be a good idea to ride as many classes as I could, but a lot of them only had a race in between the other one. I was pretty tired by the end of the day, but it was still a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to Glen Helen.

Best Wishes,
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