I flew out Thursday afternoon with my daughter Kelsey. This was her first time on a plane and she was pretty excited (and nervous). I?m actually sitting on the plane right now writing the pre-race part. Tomorrow I’ll ride practice and then later in the day, some of us will be doing an autograph signing at a local Kawasaki shop in Longview. I looked at the weather report before I left and it looks like it’s supposed to be clear on Friday and Saturday, but start raining Saturday night and into the week. I hear it’s a great place to ride and I always like riding up in the Northwest. I?m looking forward to the race and enjoying the nice cool weather.

My first race of the weekend was the 250 Pro race. The course is somewhere around 5-miles long, with some nice tree sections. The race started at 9:30 and the weather was really nice (around 65 degrees). I had a good start and was in second, behind Ty Davis, going into the first corner. Then it was Jason McCormick behind me and I?m not sure after that. I made a small mistake on the mx track and Jason got by me. I was trying to get back by Jason out in the off-road section, since Ty was starting to pull away. Then halfway around the first loop, I saw Ty picking up his bike after he went down on one of the slick corners. Just a little over a mile after that, I was trying to find a way to take the lead until I had a long tree vine get stuck in my rear wheel. I had to stop and pull it out. I lost about 15 seconds and Ty went back by. Once I got going again, I pushed it pretty hard the next couple of laps and was able to get around Jason to get into second. I was having a great time with the course and my KX 250 was working awesome. Going out on the last lap, I was probably around 15 to 20 seconds behind Ty and I knew I was going to have to put in a great lap to have a shot at winning. I put in a good lap and maybe made up a little, but figured I was going to be finishing second as I was getting ready to enter the MX course. Just about then, my bike died and I realized I had ran out of gas when I looked down at my tank. I was pretty upset and knew there was no way I could push it around the MX track and still finish up front. So I decided to walk to our pits and get a gas can and go back to the bike. I ended up finishing, but wasn?t very happy to know that I had worked that hard just to run out of gas before the finish. Well, now it’s time to focus on tomorrow. I’m looking forward to having a great race!

It rained pretty good last night, and when I got to the track it looked like a big swamp. It kind of reminded me of the Florida GNCC I did early in the year. I wasn?t really all that bummed, and was looking forward to riding in the mud. I’ve really been working on getting better and knew this was going to be my test. The start was a little late, but it didn?t seem to bother anyone since the sun was starting to dry the course out. On the start, I had an ok jump and was able to move into 6th or so after the first corner. Then I tried to go under someone and my front end slid out and I took a nice face plant in the mud (just like Florida). As I was trying to get up, I got slammed by another rider who must have hit me with his foot-peg or something. Luckily it was to the helmet and I was fine. When I finally got up, I was second to last (someone went down in the first corner). I took off and this wasn?t the way I was hoping the day would start off. I was charging really hard and passing a lot of guys until we got in the tight stuff, and no one seemed to want to let me by (which I can understand). By the second lap, I made it up to 8th and was feeling great. On the third lap I got cross rutted on a fast section, and took a big soil sample. I bent the front end up pretty good and now was covered in even more mud. When I was coming by the pits, I decided I better try and fix the front end so I stopped early and also took some new goggles. After I took off and regrouped, I started to really flow with the track. I made it up to sixth, at the halfway point, when I pitted again for gas and goggles. At this point, Ty was leading then I believe it might have been Kurt Caselli, Bobby Bonds, Nathan Woods, Pat Garrahan, and then myself. When I left the pits, I knew I wasn?t going to be happy with 6th so I just kept pushing the whole time. With two laps left, I caught Pat and was able to make the pass. Then I saw Nathan a little ways in front of me, and was hoping I had enough time left to catch him. Unfortunately the white flag came out! I was making up time, but knew it was going to be tough to catch Nathan. I ended up finishing fifth, but was actually really happy with my speed and endurance. Now the first couple of laps could have been a lot better, but I did stay loose and didn?t get arm-pump. I really feel that I didn?t have those two big mistakes, I could have been right there up front, but that’s racing!

1st Bobby Bonds
2nd Ty Davis
3rd Kurt Caselli
4th Nathan Woods
5th Destry Abbott

Other Notes:
This was my last big race before my summer break. I get to take a couple of months off now and I’ll probably be doing some local races. I?m actually really looking forward to regrouping and getting ready for the last part of the season.

I believe the point standings look like this going into the summer (top 7).
1st Nathan Woods
2nd Bobby Bonds
3rd Ty Davis
4th Destry Abbott
5th Russell Pearson
6th Kurt Caselli
7th Robert Naughton

Bobby Bonds put in a great last half of the race, and took another big win. I would have to rate this up there with one of my favorite WORCS races. It was really muddy at first, but the course got really good. We even had a section here the rut was up to our seat.

Best Wishes,
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