Destry Abbott has spent the last few years establishing himself as one of the most consistent, if not the most dominant desert racers in the West. He currently holds the number one plate with the Best in the Desert Organization, and the number two plate in the AMA National Hare & Hound Series. Destry has also made his mark in enduros and even at the Pike?s Peak Hill climb. On a global scale, Abbott added a Gold Medal to his trophy case at the ?97 International Six Days Enduro (ISDE) in Italy. It appears as though Abbott is quickly becoming Kawaski?s all-purpose off-road son.

On Racing
When talking with Abbott about racing it is easy to sense his passion for the sport. “The last ten years have seen great strides in racing technology that are bringing the sport to new heights.” Many of those strides that are establishing new ceilings in the sport, however, are also making the sport “?more dangerous,” says Abbott: An inevitable result of the tremendous progress in bike technology.

On Exposure
Destry also readily admits that guys like zillion-time champ Jeremy McGrath and others are providing amazing exposure to the sport of motorcycle racing. That being said, his passion and appreciation for racing also extends to some of the great riders who came before him. “Guys like Malcolm Smith wanted to win just as much as the guys out there racing today.”

On Rivers!
We asked Destry about some of his more memorable racing moments and he responded with one experience that at the time he wanted to forget. Now, he can laugh about it. “When I won the Gold Medal in Italy, it rained so hard that there was a river four feet deep. All the guys had to hoist their bikes on their shoulders and carry them across.”

On Team Kawasaki
As for his move to Team Kawasaki in 1998, Destry admits the change has been a welcome one. “Kawasaki does a lot of testing and has great support from top to bottom.” Currently, Abbott rides for Kawasaki and Pro Circuit and would like to one day get into Kawasaki?s R & D. He also points to his goal of winning this year?s National Hare & Hounds, and he?s well on his way– winning four of the first five races.


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