Eli Tomac had the drive and the motivation to put his mark on the 2019 Denver Supercross, but he had to work for it in the main event. His start wasn’t bad, but all his chief rivals were in front of him. Marvin Musquin took the holeshot, while Tomac was in seventh.  Cooper Webb was in fifth but by the second lap, Tomac took that spot away. In the course of the next four laps, Tomac did away with Ryan Breece, Justin Bogle and Joey Savatgy to catch up to Musquin. The Frenchman had nothing for the Colorado native, and Tomac took the lead away on lap seven of what would be a 20-lap race. Behind him, Cooper Webb eventually made all the same passes to move into second, but Tomac was long gone. Musquin held on for third with Bogle passing Savatgy for fourth late in the race. “The crowd here was amazing!” said Tomac. “They were so loud. I could hear them in every turn!” Cooper Webb’s point lead is smaller, now at 18 points with two races left. Next week, the riders have Easter off before picking it up again in New Jersey. For the 450 point standings, click here.
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1 Eli Tomac
2 Cooper Webb
3 Marvin Musquin
4 Justin Bogle
5 Joey Savatgy
6 Blake Baggett
7 Ken Roczen
8 Zach Osborne
9 Joshua Grant
10 Justin Hill
11 Tyler Bowers
12 Ben Lamay
13 Kyle Chisholm
14 Ryan Breece
15 Alex Ray
16 Carlen Gardner
17 John Short
18 Charles Lefrancois
19 Cole Seely
20 Dean Wilson
21 Austin Politelli
22 Mike Alessi


Justin Bogle won his first heat win of the year. Photo by Travis Fant.

Rocky Mountain KTM teammates Justin Bogle and Blake Baggett went straight to the front of the first heat with a tight freight train of talent close behind. Zach Osborne, Marvin Musquin, Ken Roczen and Dean Wilson were nose to tail for most of the race. Roczen and Musquin started bangingbars and losing some time to the riders in front, but eventually, Roczen moved into fourth. Up front, Bogle didn’t crack under the pressure from his teammate. On the final lap, Baggett grabbed a little too much throttle and spun out, allowing Osborne to move into second. Bogle won followed by Osborne, Baggett, Roczen and Musquin.

1 Justin Bogle
2 Zach Osborne
3 Blake Baggett
4 Ken Roczen
5 Marvin Musquin
6 Dean Wilson
7 Tyler Bowers
8 Ryan Breece
9 Kyle Chisholm
10 Jared Lesher
11 Charles Lefrancois
12 Adam Enticknap
13 Colton Aeck
14 Theodore Pauli
15 Aj Catanzaro
16 Josh Greco
17 Scotty Wennerstrom
18 Tyler Custer
19 Travis Bannister
20 Jason Kueber


Cole Seely stayed out of trouble to win heat two. Photo by Travis Fant.

The second 450 heat held an intense battle between Eli Tomac and Cooper Webb, and it wasn’t even for the win. Cole Seely was up front and riding well with Joey Savatgy in second. Webb and Tomac traded places several times, catching up to Savatgy in the process. Webb found himself sandwiched between the two Kawasaki teammates for several laps, making for some stressful moments. Tomac managed to pass both Webb and Savatgy to move into second with only a few laps remaining. Savatgy clearly did everything he could to keep Webb behind him, but eventually gave in.  Finishing in fifth was Josh Grant, in his best ride so far on the Monster Energy Yamaha.

1 Cole Seely
2 Eli Tomac
3 Cooper Webb
4 Joey Savatgy
5 Joshua Grant
6 Justin Hill
7 Ben Lamay
8 Austin Politelli
9 Mike Alessi
10 Carlen Gardner
11 John Short
12 Alex Ray
13 Casey Brennan
14 Michael Akaydin
15 Deven Raper
16 Alexander Nagy
17 Dustin Winter
18 Johan Nystrom
19 Mason Kerr
20 Tevin Tapia


1 Alex Ray
2 Carlen Gardner
3 John Short
4 Charles Lefrancois
5 Adam Enticknap
6 Casey Brennan
7 Aj Catanzaro
8 Jared Lesher
9 Deven Raper
10 Theodore Pauli
11 Tevin Tapia
12 Colton Aeck
13 Michael Akaydin
14 Johan Nystrom
15 Alexander Nagy
16 Josh Greco
17 Dustin Winter
18 Tyler Custer
19 Scotty Wennerstrom
20 Travis Bannister
21 Mason Kerr
22 Jason Kueber

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